My Book

Hey guys! It’s Aggie again! Today I’m going to tell you about my book! YAY! 😀

My book is called the Dostillan Hero. Pronounced (Daw-still-in). I’m pretty sure you know how to pronounce Hero, right?


So I am going to tell you the summary:

Alexis Draughtstorm was a fifteen year-old girl in Erinville, Panimor. Alexis and her brother, Arthur, had been working in the mill for a couple years now and it had been the same routine since they started. And they liked it that way. But everything changed when a decree went out that all sorcerers were to be sent to the Magic Disposal Unit. They should be fine, right? Well that’s what they thought. So now Alexis is on the run dressed as a boy and is fighting along side a group of insane adventurers. And when Arthur gets captured, Alexis and her friends must save him. She finds out her younger, supposed-to-be-dead brother is alive and is the Dostillan Hero. How will Alexis cope with that? God only knows…

You like? Well it needs some work, but it’ll do! 🙂


The main characters are the three Draughtstorm siblings: Arthur, Alexis and Peter.

More important characters are: Aaron Straightwing, Sally Frengelaud, Oliver Raven, “Fred” (You’ll find out once you read!), Fijit Greenleaf and Zinnia Grey.

The bad guy is MDU a.k.a The Magic Disposal Unit! The leader of MDU is Angelo Quill. Though the name is awesome, the bad guy is not. Okay, maybe he does kick butt and stuff, but I hate him so much… 😡


The World is set in my own universe and the main continent that the story is in is Almerland. Their country is Panimor, though more will be introduced eventually.

The time is Fall, 1317. If I remember correctly it was September 13th? I’m not 100% sure.

Hope you enjoyed reading this! I will write more on this eventually, but I’m not gonna give too much away! 🙂  

Thanks for reading!

~Aggie Kopp


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