Why I haven’t updated…

HI! YO YO! I’m back after being incognito for- a week? I had been working on a stop-motion film for a fund raiser, and have been working really hard on it. Like my brother and I did the voices, I made my own music, I filmed and made the set myself… Gosh it was hard. Well I am now finished with the WHOLE DANG THANG! Thank the lord of Guacamole.

I am super happy that it’s done! It will be posted on my YouTube on August 1st, unless the fundraiser lady says no, then I will come up with a new date. CUE EPIC MUSIC WITH A UPBEAT RHYTHM AND A BIG BASS! Now time for a victory dance!


Who is that guy? Lol! This is fun! Just because I love gifs I’m gonna add another one!

Ace Ventura victory dance

I also don’t know that guy! lol

Thank you for reading my post! But how else would you be getting this far. Or are you thinking/reading this post? Or Speaking/reading it?


Spent the night at my grandparents house. This morning I went to Dunkin Donuts with “Gigi”, and obviously getting donuts. I got one glazed chocolate and one sour cream to go with some chocolate milk. After eating the first donut we decided to eat in the car, because 64 degrees Fahrenheit is way too cold. We headed home only to make a quick, last minute lane switch to go to an estate sale.

Gigi found books, and I found two collectible spoons and a “New Handy Dictionary” (Which was soooo tiny and soooo worn that I couldn’t resist! :3 ).

Heading home for real this time, I played Minecraft when the “LAG WAS REAL!”  Gigi and I talked about things to do tomorrow and she found a cool thing in Decatur… I was/am PUMPED! Heroic Age Studios. They make comics and movies… AWESOME SAUCE! They have worked for Archie Comics, DC Universe, Marvel Entertainment and MORE! I am so excited to go on a tour that Gigi called them about! She scheduled one and I – I- to show my enthusiasm I will write random letters in CAPS LOCK. OMGWSDKJNSAKSNANSLAOLLOLLDJNSJKFJBAJBDFSUDBJFBJZX! I’m soooo happy! 😀


So after my grandpa “Poppy” came back from golfing, we headed out to watch Alice Through The Looking Glass. Before hand we ate some darn good Sushi not even a block from the theatre. Now time for the REVIEW!

We started off with shrimp dumplings. Within 5 mins they brought it in steaming hot. OMG! They brought warmth throughout your mouth and your tastebuds exploded with simplicity yet AWESOMENESS! okay *sighs* calm down with the drama Agz.

All in all the White Tuna rolls and Japanese Soda and the rangoons were AMAZING!


So now here I am writing this. BYE BYE!