Why I haven’t updated…

HI! YO YO! I’m back after being incognito for- a week? I had been working on a stop-motion film for a fund raiser, and have been working really hard on it. Like my brother and I did the voices, I made my own music, I filmed and made the set myself… Gosh it was hard. Well I am now finished with the WHOLE DANG THANG! Thank the lord of Guacamole.

I am super happy that it’s done! It will be posted on my YouTube on August 1st, unless the fundraiser lady says no, then I will come up with a new date. CUE EPIC MUSIC WITH A UPBEAT RHYTHM AND A BIG BASS! Now time for a victory dance!


Who is that guy? Lol! This is fun! Just because I love gifs I’m gonna add another one!

Ace Ventura victory dance

I also don’t know that guy! lol

Thank you for reading my post! But how else would you be getting this far. Or are you thinking/reading this post? Or Speaking/reading it?


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