Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll!

      Happy Thanksgiving guys! Hope you have a great holiday, and feast!

      I think of Thanksgiving as a holiday to gather around with loved ones and be — well — thankful for the good times and bad, that made you into you!

     I am just happy to say, I am thankful for my mom, dad, 4 siblings, Poppy, Gigi, My Uncle, Aunt, cousins, my AMAZING friends Timber, Sunset, Ashlee, Joshua, Sam, Kenzie, and all the others!

     You guys have helped create all the amazing memories that I possess today. Once again thanks!

               Have a wonderful day!                               

~Aggie Kopp

Is this the end of Minea?

Today, reaching 41,559 words, I finished S1 of Minea. Is this the end of Minea? Of NaNoWriMo? I reached the goal of the series, being 19 episodes, and should I write S2? or write a smaller series that had similar character? I am in the Minea mood so I am guessing I’ll write more Minea on either Friday or Saturday. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I might take a break! SEE YA NEXT TIME ON MY BLOG!

Shout-out to my friends blog (that I am collaborating in): sosseriesblog.wordpress.com

NANOWRIMO WEEK 3: Holy Shrimp Noodles!

HEY GUYS! Welcome back to my blog! 9 days until the end of NaNoWriMo…. Dang… That is why I said Holy Shrimp Noodles. 😄 I give a shout-out to my very dear friends, Timber and Sunset for writing with me, editing my script and helping me with ideas. I really don’t care if I am a #nanorebel. This year I am a lil’ big rebel! I AM WRITING A SCRIPT, My friends are helping me write different episodes and stuff!


Here are the word counts for the past week:

Day 15: 25,023
Day 16: 26,626
Day 17: 27,670
Day 18: 28,557
Day 19: 30,856
Day 20: 35,534
Day 21: 38,253 and counting!


Once again thanks to Timber and Sunset! Both of them wrote a good amount of episodes, helped with writer’s block, made Minecraft Skins and other helpful stuff!


Once NaNoWriMo is over… IDEA TIME!

NANOWRIMO will be over soon! And now I can make other ideas come true!

I have ideas… SO MANY ideas, but not only in the book categories… I WANT TO ANIMATE A TV SERIES! Sorry for the caps! I really need to go see a Doctor about my Caps Lock Syndrome.  Anyways, I’ll let you guys see all my ideas!


  1. The Dostillan Hero: The soon-to-be 10th draft 😛 – Alexis Draughtstorm was a fifteen year-old girl in Erinville, Panimor. Alexis and her brother, Arthur, had been working in the mill for a couple years now and it had been the same routine since they started. And they liked it that way. But everything changed when a decree went out that all sorcerers were to be sent to the Magic Disposal Unit. They should be fine… Well that’s what they thought. Their worst mortal enemy turned them in for no reason… So now Alexis, Arthur and their also-wanted friends are on the run. When they are saved by a crazy mix-mash of adventurers, the fugitives are separated and Alexis must hope that they survive. But what will happen when Alexis finds out her supposedly-dead brother is alive? God only knows… (Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Humor, Romance)
  2. The Markspin Chronicles: Based off of a dream – Aja is a foster child. She has lived with the Lincoln’s ever since she could remember. She and her foster-sister Jenny would do everything together, from writing stories to jumping off trees and somehow spraining their ankles. How did that happen? When Aja, Jenny and their parents go camping at Lake Hammer, the two girls ride a canoe. By some force, the canoe tips over and Aja and Jenny find themselves in another world full of steampunk, magic, and mystery. Oh, and a guy named Prentice Marks. Don’t forget him. (Genre: Fantasy, Steampunk, Humor, Romance, Pirates)

Animated T.V. Shows! Inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender and Glitter Force

  1. Kid Fortune Cookie Club: Based on a goofy idea with my sister – Master Grasshopper has found out that the Kawaii’s, an evil family of pure evilness, has risen again! Master Grasshopper looks for 3 talented kids to become Kid Fortune Cookie Club! With Haley Kings (Known as “Fortune Lady” with her awesome skills of knowing what is going to happen next), Tate Jackson (with the alias of “Take Out!” and the awesomeness of his Take Out box mace), and Casey Williams (a.k.a “Chop” with her chopstick weapons). Together they will “Take Out” (hehehe) Hibachi Guy, Sushi Girl and Mmmmmmm…. Together they are- KID FORTUNE COOKIE CLUB! (Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Scifi, Goofy, Culture?)
  2. Lowtown Highschool: Inspired by my fan fiction of Aphmau’s Phoenix Drop High – Maypl Bougher (actually my old alias on the internet) and her friend Fiona Kingsley move to Lowtown with their parents and the ex-homeschoolers go to Highschool for the first time ever, and as Juniors. They befriend their first day escort, the red-headed Alan Jefferson and David Lang. And as soon as gym starts, the coach’s daughters are in charge of the court. And they do volleyball… And it gets crazy…. (Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slight Scifi, Modern?)



(That picture is of Lowtown High! Just a sketch i drew before bed)

Which ones do YOU want to see come true?


A Little Perspective on “The Road to 50,000 Words”

Yesterday I finished 25,000 words. I didn’t think I could because I was really far behind, but I wrote somethings down earlier in the morning after school, and I copied it to the script. Here is a little story-like perspective on “The Road to 50,000”. I think it will make an intriguing short story in the future, don’t you think?

“The Road to 50,000 Words”

          When you try to accomplish “The Road to 50,000 Words” it is like you are in a fairytale. You are a Knight (actually an author) who is trying to reach the capitol of the country for some reward… The reward of accomplishing 50,000 words. If you don’t reach the capitol within 30 days, you don’t win…
          So the next month for you, Author Knight (hereby called that name), will face challenges of Writer’s Road Block, Sleeping In, and just not-continuing-down-the-road.
          Let’s talk about Writer’s Road Block. Let’s pretend there is a wall… A giant wall that runs a total of 3 miles all around. There are a few options you could take. You could take a detour, which may set you behind (if you rewrite a few chapters). Another option is to break through the wall, using your imagination as a pickaxe (or a battering ram. Your choice), breaking through the wall, finding treasures that will make your day (and your story). Or you could just sit there on your bum and wait until they let you pass (happened so many times -_-). Once again, it is your choice.
          Just think of Writer’s Road Block as your mind. Behind those walls are some of your greatest creations, just waiting to be explored…
          Anyways, you might come across a monster or two. Either it is the Homework Hobgoblin or the Working Warlock Boss, or some other monster that is random and may waste a good day’s time. And from all the exhaustion from fighting the monsters, you may feel the urge to sleep-in, or just not write— uh, I mean TRAVEL— for that day (or a course of days).
          So if you fall behind, dear Author Knight, you fight hard to surpass your word count— Ahem, I mean your traveling— and you finally reach a good stopping point and rest.
          So the next day you, my dear friend, will feel super excited and/or super exhausted (this depends on the person). You may feel inspired to rush as far as you can, or just take it slow and easy.
          You finally are halfway there— and you find a crossroad…
          “Thanks a lot, Brain!” you yell, particularly angry at yourself as well because you haven’t looked ahead on the map (if you have one). Sighing you choose…
          Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this perspective on NaNoWriMo! Might post Part Two eventually. I don’t know 😛
~Aggie F. Kopp


So far I have written 8 1/2 episodes! WOOT! WOOT! Since I updated late last week, I won’t have as much days up.
Here is the word count for each day:
Day 9: 15,248
Day 10: 16,700
Day 11: 18, 273
Day 12: 20,315
Day 13: 20,640
Day 14: 22,269
Day 15:
I know it is over one week but I forgot to post yesterday 😛 I have sketched some Minea characters, but I haven’t scanned them yet, so maybe on Wednesday or Thursday!
Bio: His Name is Jeremy Lewis (he he. Jerry Lewis. lol) He is a knight trained at the Western Battle Academy,
Friends: Jose, August, Joy, Penny, Cherry, Steph, Horace, Halt, Gilan, Rose.
Enemies: Derrick, Nightingale, Slade
Location: West Craft Bay, the capitol of Minea
Mom and Dad: Kingsley and Erin Lewis
Siblings?: Serenity Lewis the seamstress.
Favorite food: Roast beef with roasted dill potatoes. Mmm!
THANKS FOR READING! PEACE OUT! Oh, and good luck to all NaNoWriMo Participants!
P.S. If you all (I have more followers YAY) want to know more about Minea, tell me and I’ll post episode one for you all to read!


HELLO PEEPS! It’s been one WHOLE week (plus two days) of NaNoWriMo. How’s it been? I’ve been doing great! I have written 13,419 words so far! (WORDPRESS IS NOT WORKING! My notifications won’t work, I can’t upload images, I can’t save drafts and I can’t publish ANYTHING! (It doesn’t work on Google Chrome for some reason) If you know what is going on, please tell! 😀

Day #1: 2534 words
Day #2: 4653 words
Day #3: 5162 words
Day #4: 8322 words
Day #5: 8,888 words
Day #6: 8,888 words
Day #7: 11,919 words
Day #8: 13,419 words
So I’ve been writing episodes for my episode series as I told you before. I’ve, so far, written 5 episodes (plus the beginning of 6).
Ep. 1: 14 pages
Ep. 2: 12 pages
Ep. 3: 17 pages (yea I am so excited about that)
Ep. 4: 16 pages
Ep. 5: 14 pages
Ep. 6: 2 pages so far! 😛
It is (all together) 77 pages!
CHARACTERS INTRODUCED (main and unimportant included):
August, Derrick, Jeremy, Chloe the pack-donkey, Mission the horse, Joy, Penny, Cherry, Stephanie, Tavern Lady (one or two appearances), Mr. and Mrs. Mustache, Wayne, Halt, Customer Guy, Nightingale, Pit, Medusa (in a video), MOM, Afro Bob, Kingsport Guard, Gilan, Fijit, Slade, Nightingale, Rose, Will, Tug, Horses and more horses. I might have left a few out but that is the gist of it. 😄
I’ll try to post a character description every week so you guys can get a gist of the story! (and if i have time I might add sketches)
Here is the main character!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bio: This is August Hendricks. She cannot remember anything, except for her name and a few things like common sense and logic. She is rebellious, funny, sarcastic but can be serious at needed times. At age 16 she is quite skilled with things such as cooking, running around doing errands, stopping fights and unknowingly to her: Magic.
Friends: Jeremy, Jose, Joy, Penny, Rose, Halt, Gilan, Wayne
Enemies: Nightingale, Slade, Derrick.
Location: (currently) in the stable of Mr. Mustache’s Inn and tavern called “The Pumpkin Mustache”.
City: she resides in is the capital of the country Minea called “West Craft Bay”.
Mom and Dad: I know who they are but you’ll have to watch it when it comes out! MWAHAHAHAHA!
Siblings?: Idk yet 😄 I’m thinking about one….
Favorite food: Still undetermined. Though she is a good cook, so anything will suffice.
Please give feedback, because it would be awesome to talk to all the few people reading this. I only have like 2 followers including myself 😛