It is November! The time to write 50,000 words in 30 days.
The time for NaNoWriMo.

Well, though I participated last year, writing a 56,000 word novel, I decided this year I “SHAKE” things up.
For the first time I am participating as a NaNoRebel. Writing a WHOLE SEASON of an episode series. I’ve been planning this series for over a year now, and it is time to actually start writing!

One thing that is different for sure is that it is a series for YouTube. Yea, yea that is acceptable, right? Well, it is a MINECRAFT YouTube Roleplay series! *Sheepish face* Ever heard of Aphmau? Or DanTDM? Or Mistylyne? or PinkDiamondDiva? All of them have made at least ONE Minecraft Roleplay series, getting a LOT of views.

All of these roleplays have different settings. Sometimes VERY different.

From living in the village of Phoenix Drop (Aphmau’s Minecraft Diaries), to Working in the lab with your scientist villager friend thingy (DanTDM). From Living in a castle (Mistylyne’s Royalty)
to living everyday life in Highschool (PinkDiamondDiva’s Minecraft Life).

My setting is probably the most “common”. It is set in fantasy, medieval times, supposedly… MWAHAHAHAHA.

Here is the basic synopsis:

August Hendricks doesn’t remember where she is, or where she came from. All that she knows is that she is lost. With help of her friends, Jeremy the knight, Jose the Princess’ Guard, Joy the Librarian with the skill of archery, Rose the Bard and Penelope the- um… buttkicking weaponsmaster (Yea, that sounds right).

August finds herself having a connection with nature, but the plants around the country of Minea are wilting away. And it is up to August and the gang to save the trees and the world from the mysterious men behind it all.

How does that sound?

Personally it sounds epic. I mean come on! Aren’t you supposed to “Write a book that you want to read!” Or is it “Write a screenplay you want to watch?”.

That is basically the end of it! I’ll post some character development blog posts during NaNoWriMo (or at least I’ll try :3).

That wraps it up!
~A. F. Kopp

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