HELLO PEEPS! It’s been one WHOLE week (plus two days) of NaNoWriMo. How’s it been? I’ve been doing great! I have written 13,419 words so far! (WORDPRESS IS NOT WORKING! My notifications won’t work, I can’t upload images, I can’t save drafts and I can’t publish ANYTHING! (It doesn’t work on Google Chrome for some reason) If you know what is going on, please tell! 😀

Day #1: 2534 words
Day #2: 4653 words
Day #3: 5162 words
Day #4: 8322 words
Day #5: 8,888 words
Day #6: 8,888 words
Day #7: 11,919 words
Day #8: 13,419 words
So I’ve been writing episodes for my episode series as I told you before. I’ve, so far, written 5 episodes (plus the beginning of 6).
Ep. 1: 14 pages
Ep. 2: 12 pages
Ep. 3: 17 pages (yea I am so excited about that)
Ep. 4: 16 pages
Ep. 5: 14 pages
Ep. 6: 2 pages so far! 😛
It is (all together) 77 pages!
CHARACTERS INTRODUCED (main and unimportant included):
August, Derrick, Jeremy, Chloe the pack-donkey, Mission the horse, Joy, Penny, Cherry, Stephanie, Tavern Lady (one or two appearances), Mr. and Mrs. Mustache, Wayne, Halt, Customer Guy, Nightingale, Pit, Medusa (in a video), MOM, Afro Bob, Kingsport Guard, Gilan, Fijit, Slade, Nightingale, Rose, Will, Tug, Horses and more horses. I might have left a few out but that is the gist of it. 😄
I’ll try to post a character description every week so you guys can get a gist of the story! (and if i have time I might add sketches)
Here is the main character!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bio: This is August Hendricks. She cannot remember anything, except for her name and a few things like common sense and logic. She is rebellious, funny, sarcastic but can be serious at needed times. At age 16 she is quite skilled with things such as cooking, running around doing errands, stopping fights and unknowingly to her: Magic.
Friends: Jeremy, Jose, Joy, Penny, Rose, Halt, Gilan, Wayne
Enemies: Nightingale, Slade, Derrick.
Location: (currently) in the stable of Mr. Mustache’s Inn and tavern called “The Pumpkin Mustache”.
City: she resides in is the capital of the country Minea called “West Craft Bay”.
Mom and Dad: I know who they are but you’ll have to watch it when it comes out! MWAHAHAHAHA!
Siblings?: Idk yet 😄 I’m thinking about one….
Favorite food: Still undetermined. Though she is a good cook, so anything will suffice.
Please give feedback, because it would be awesome to talk to all the few people reading this. I only have like 2 followers including myself 😛

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