A Little Perspective on “The Road to 50,000 Words”

Yesterday I finished 25,000 words. I didn’t think I could because I was really far behind, but I wrote somethings down earlier in the morning after school, and I copied it to the script. Here is a little story-like perspective on “The Road to 50,000”. I think it will make an intriguing short story in the future, don’t you think?

“The Road to 50,000 Words”

          When you try to accomplish “The Road to 50,000 Words” it is like you are in a fairytale. You are a Knight (actually an author) who is trying to reach the capitol of the country for some reward… The reward of accomplishing 50,000 words. If you don’t reach the capitol within 30 days, you don’t win…
          So the next month for you, Author Knight (hereby called that name), will face challenges of Writer’s Road Block, Sleeping In, and just not-continuing-down-the-road.
          Let’s talk about Writer’s Road Block. Let’s pretend there is a wall… A giant wall that runs a total of 3 miles all around. There are a few options you could take. You could take a detour, which may set you behind (if you rewrite a few chapters). Another option is to break through the wall, using your imagination as a pickaxe (or a battering ram. Your choice), breaking through the wall, finding treasures that will make your day (and your story). Or you could just sit there on your bum and wait until they let you pass (happened so many times -_-). Once again, it is your choice.
          Just think of Writer’s Road Block as your mind. Behind those walls are some of your greatest creations, just waiting to be explored…
          Anyways, you might come across a monster or two. Either it is the Homework Hobgoblin or the Working Warlock Boss, or some other monster that is random and may waste a good day’s time. And from all the exhaustion from fighting the monsters, you may feel the urge to sleep-in, or just not write— uh, I mean TRAVEL— for that day (or a course of days).
          So if you fall behind, dear Author Knight, you fight hard to surpass your word count— Ahem, I mean your traveling— and you finally reach a good stopping point and rest.
          So the next day you, my dear friend, will feel super excited and/or super exhausted (this depends on the person). You may feel inspired to rush as far as you can, or just take it slow and easy.
          You finally are halfway there— and you find a crossroad…
          “Thanks a lot, Brain!” you yell, particularly angry at yourself as well because you haven’t looked ahead on the map (if you have one). Sighing you choose…
          Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this perspective on NaNoWriMo! Might post Part Two eventually. I don’t know 😛
~Aggie F. Kopp

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