Once NaNoWriMo is over… IDEA TIME!

NANOWRIMO will be over soon! And now I can make other ideas come true!

I have ideas… SO MANY ideas, but not only in the book categories… I WANT TO ANIMATE A TV SERIES! Sorry for the caps! I really need to go see a Doctor about my Caps Lock Syndrome.  Anyways, I’ll let you guys see all my ideas!


  1. The Dostillan Hero: The soon-to-be 10th draft 😛 – Alexis Draughtstorm was a fifteen year-old girl in Erinville, Panimor. Alexis and her brother, Arthur, had been working in the mill for a couple years now and it had been the same routine since they started. And they liked it that way. But everything changed when a decree went out that all sorcerers were to be sent to the Magic Disposal Unit. They should be fine… Well that’s what they thought. Their worst mortal enemy turned them in for no reason… So now Alexis, Arthur and their also-wanted friends are on the run. When they are saved by a crazy mix-mash of adventurers, the fugitives are separated and Alexis must hope that they survive. But what will happen when Alexis finds out her supposedly-dead brother is alive? God only knows… (Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Humor, Romance)
  2. The Markspin Chronicles: Based off of a dream – Aja is a foster child. She has lived with the Lincoln’s ever since she could remember. She and her foster-sister Jenny would do everything together, from writing stories to jumping off trees and somehow spraining their ankles. How did that happen? When Aja, Jenny and their parents go camping at Lake Hammer, the two girls ride a canoe. By some force, the canoe tips over and Aja and Jenny find themselves in another world full of steampunk, magic, and mystery. Oh, and a guy named Prentice Marks. Don’t forget him. (Genre: Fantasy, Steampunk, Humor, Romance, Pirates)

Animated T.V. Shows! Inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender and Glitter Force

  1. Kid Fortune Cookie Club: Based on a goofy idea with my sister – Master Grasshopper has found out that the Kawaii’s, an evil family of pure evilness, has risen again! Master Grasshopper looks for 3 talented kids to become Kid Fortune Cookie Club! With Haley Kings (Known as “Fortune Lady” with her awesome skills of knowing what is going to happen next), Tate Jackson (with the alias of “Take Out!” and the awesomeness of his Take Out box mace), and Casey Williams (a.k.a “Chop” with her chopstick weapons). Together they will “Take Out” (hehehe) Hibachi Guy, Sushi Girl and Mmmmmmm…. Together they are- KID FORTUNE COOKIE CLUB! (Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Scifi, Goofy, Culture?)
  2. Lowtown Highschool: Inspired by my fan fiction of Aphmau’s Phoenix Drop High – Maypl Bougher (actually my old alias on the internet) and her friend Fiona Kingsley move to Lowtown with their parents and the ex-homeschoolers go to Highschool for the first time ever, and as Juniors. They befriend their first day escort, the red-headed Alan Jefferson and David Lang. And as soon as gym starts, the coach’s daughters are in charge of the court. And they do volleyball… And it gets crazy…. (Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slight Scifi, Modern?)



(That picture is of Lowtown High! Just a sketch i drew before bed)

Which ones do YOU want to see come true?



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