NANOWRIMO WEEK 3: Holy Shrimp Noodles!

HEY GUYS! Welcome back to my blog! 9 days until the end of NaNoWriMo…. Dang… That is why I said Holy Shrimp Noodles. 😄 I give a shout-out to my very dear friends, Timber and Sunset for writing with me, editing my script and helping me with ideas. I really don’t care if I am a #nanorebel. This year I am a lil’ big rebel! I AM WRITING A SCRIPT, My friends are helping me write different episodes and stuff!


Here are the word counts for the past week:

Day 15: 25,023
Day 16: 26,626
Day 17: 27,670
Day 18: 28,557
Day 19: 30,856
Day 20: 35,534
Day 21: 38,253 and counting!


Once again thanks to Timber and Sunset! Both of them wrote a good amount of episodes, helped with writer’s block, made Minecraft Skins and other helpful stuff!



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