Merry Christmas 2016!

Hello, everybody! I am here to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Today I received an email from “Word of The Day” and saw this beautiful new word:


\jol-uh-fi-KEY-shuh n\

1. jolly merrymaking; jolly festivity.


It is very interesting! Maybe I should use it in my writing. Who knows?

My favorite holiday tradition is when we all pick out ornaments at Hobby Lobby (or some other store) every year. It always varies what it is for me and my four siblings. It shows our progress in personality over the years. This year I got a typewriter ornament since I had been BEGGING for one. And I didn’t get one. lol but I’m fine with that. Another tradition is every year on Christmas Eve we watch Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I love that movie and Jim Carrey is PHENOMENAL at his part.

What is your favorite family/Christmas Tradition?

So what was your guys’ favorite gift today? Mine was a denim jacket. How about you?



Trials of Apollo, Rick Riordan: Short Book Review/Rant #3 with NO SPOILERS

     This is my NON-SPOILER REVIEW! I loved it. SO MUCH!

     The development of the characters are fantastic (As usual), and I read until 10:30pm so I could finish it. (Got it at 5:30, was gone at 6pm – 7:30pm. So about 3:30 hours of reading. Dang)

     I enjoyed every part of it and I can’t wait to read more! WHY MUST I WAIT UNTIL MAY 2nd???? WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO US? Now I know how readers will feel when I come out with books. 😄

      Meg and Apollo seem to be a good team and I enjoyed the ups and downs of the friendship. The Story was a good speed, and I loved it.

       “Riordan mixes Greek Myths, Modern times, Humor and Poetry together very well. And then bakes it into a delicious Trials of Apollo Cake! The Plot was very tasty!” ~My review 😄 so weird, I know. But here is another one I will make.

The Book was so good,
I wish there was more right now,
Love it, Rick, My man!

😄 The review is in a haiku! lol

Definitely 9/10 stars!


Trials of Apollo, Rick Riordan: Book Review/Rant #2 (Contains Spoilers)

     So a few days ago I got the Trials of Apollo, Book One, at 5:30pm. I read 5 chapters then I had to go at 6pm and I returned at 7:30p. And since I got back (and did some chores) I read the book. And finished it… at 10:30pm. Curse my fast reading!

     Is it just me or are books NEVER long enough? Especially the good ones. And it definitely feels good to read a book I have NEVER read before. I always have to reread books and stuff, but FINALLY!

     So this review contains spoilers (I am posting a NON-SPOILER edition soon), and if you haven’t read it yet DON’T READ AHEAD! I know some people like to be spoiled (*cough cough* Sometimes that is me *cough cough*) but I warned you! :3

     So…. Haikus? L. O. L. Rick Riordan had this thought out, spectacularly! His writing style was slightly altered and made to sound like how Apollo would say/write it. So many crazy descriptions from the very start. 

     So, I’ve gotta say: Out of all the Greek gods, Apollo is my favorite. I know he can be egotistical and a snot sometimes but I think he is cool! 😄 No wait. I quote from PJO, Book Three: “I am so Awesome” was the last line of his Haiku. So that kinda proves the egotistical part.

     Rick did a few things different than I though he would. I was hoping Apollo would take on the alias Lester and pretend to be a demigod and be secretive, but now that I have read it, Apollo would have NEVER done that. 

     Once again, Rick has OUT DONE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE! He has made fantastic characters and made yet ANOTHER baddie! I NEVER really would have thought of Nero until they mentioned the Emperors of Rome. Then I thought of the BIGGEST, BADDEST OF ALL! Nero. I never imagined Nero to look like that. I always thought in my mind he looked like this:

hqdefault (1).jpg

     Stupid Story Keepers 😄

     And another thing about Rick Riordan is that every time I read one of his books, I learn something new about writing. I see a sentence and I am like, “That is acceptable? I will keep that in mind”. So he teaches me WHILE i read his awesomeness!

     And the part that made me fangirl. I will say one word:



     Leo Valdez is my favorite character. In almost EVERY fandom, I have my fictional crush, but LEO BEATS DEM ALL! Horace/Gilan from Rangers Apprentice (I can’t choose), Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Nova from Ultimate Spiderman, FLASH, KIDFLASH! And Suni if you are reading this… Don’t bring any of those things you always mention to me up! jk. Do it if you want. I AM STRONG NOW THAT LEO IS BACK! Team Leo FTW!

     And Calypso is there. She is actually a good ship to Leo. I know that I can’t have him cuz he ain’t real, but Caleo is really good. Calypso is adorable! She is sassy, strong-willed and kind of reminds me of my lil sister. In someways. Especially that she (MAJOR SPOILER: Wore a Pink Snow Jacket SPOILER END) Okay that spoiler was not a major spoiler I lied, XD.

     And thanks, Rick! You bring these Greek Myths to life in a very good manner. I love your writing style!

Here is my review:

The Book was so good,
I wish there was more right now,
Love it, Rick, My man!

I rate it 9/10 stars!

That’s all for now,


Another Post on Thursday?

Well today my friends, will be AWESOME! I know it! Two sets of friends are coming over for a Christmas Dinner, and we will TRY (I repeat), TRY, to record Minea Voices for Episodes 1-3. Maybe even a YouTube video about Christmas. I also have been working on a book, well, a short story. Make that two stories. I am also writing a short story about my book The Dostillan Hero. It should be funny.

I posted about it earlier this week, but it is about two girls who are detectives get mysterious notes from some customer. They investigate.

So…. CHRISTMAS IS COMING UP! So excited!!! YAYAYA! Achem! Excuse that. I have been talking to Sunset too much. lol jk jk. She is the best!

What are YOU guys looking forward to, this Christmas?

See ya later! Buh-bye!



Through The Ages | The Dostillan Hero Draft 2: Part 1/3

Here is the second draft. Zimm’s name is changed to Arthur… Ah… I love that name… ❤

Here it is:



This part contains Alexis Draught-Storm and her brother Arthur trying to find their brother Peter.

It begins when Arthur comes home from school and ends when they are about to journey for a lost brother.

~~~A GIRL AT the age of 12, stood at the edge of the water, it was cold in November.

“It will be fine,” she said. “They will be okay.”

She tried to sound courageous, but the thought of her brother, Peter, falling in the lake. How can there be joy in the world if he is gone.

‘Wish Peter was here,’ she thought ‘He would love to see Arthur back home. But not so much of our Tudor, Ms. Pretabird. That nasty old bird.’

“Alexis!” A voice said. “Look how much you’ve grown! Where is Peter?”

“Arthur, hasn’t Ms. Pretabird told you? I sent a letter to her months ago! He fell into the lake in February! He probably froze to death!”

“There is a chance he lived, he’s a born swimmer, I taught him myself.”

“You always make everything positive. Like the time you placed an anvil-fish in Pretabird’s stew…”

“And said it was good in protein and vitamins.” He interrupted. “It really is! And delicious!!!”

“By the way where is Pretabird?”

“Stayed in Prellville while Mr. Crocket is in town. They lost each other in the Moon Revolution.”

“That was seventy-nine years ago! How old is she?”


“I can’t even subtract that much!”

“Well, what do we do?”

“Well, we could go home and eat some anvil-fish stew.”

And they laughed all the way home.

To the cottage in the wood.


“You know,” Alexis said.”We don’t have androweed, for the stew. Could you grab some from the garden, Arthur?”

“Sure, Alex,” said Arthur,”I will grab some codder,too.”

“No codder, to bitter.”


“To sweet!” Alexis said with disgust. “Just androweed.”

“Okay, Alex.”

“I am a girl, so don’t call me Alex.”

“Sure, Al.”

Alexis shook her head and grinned.

“Whatever, Arty.”

“I am fifteen!!! Have some respect, Alex.”

“You have some respect, you call me a boys name!” Alex pointed the stirring-spoon at Arthur. “Now go get the androweed, like a good boy. And no fussing.”

“Since when are you the boss.”

“Father sent a letter from Dredderland, and said I am in charge.”

“Whatever.” Arthur grunted and headed into the garden.


Alexis was just serving out bowls of stew when Arthur burst through the door.

“What took you so long? Alex said.

“The dam broke!!!” Arthur said, with his eyes filled with caution.

“Oh my gosh. Arthur when did this happen?”

“Two hours ago, no time to eat.”

They raced around packing food and clothing.

Then the sound of rushing water filled their ears.

“Alex,” Arthur said.”Grab a board or something.”

They both grabbed a board. Then they ran out the back. Alex looked back and screamed at the sight of a wall of water, twelve feet from the cottage, and ran for her life.

Arthur stumbled and tripped on a rock and threw Alexis his bag of books.

“Go on without me!” He cried. “I can catch up by swimming, you can’t swim that well. GO!!!”

Alex didn’t argue, but shed tears.

“Be careful.” She said. “I love you.” But her voice was barely audible.

She saw the water devour Arthur.

All she cared about was gone.

I am all alone now, she thought. Now I am all alone.

She ran to the Grey mountain where the old witch lives.


~~~ARTHUR WAS GONE as far as Alexis knew. She never thought of possibilities.

Trembling in fear, you are,

It seems you won’t get too far,

Feeling far away,

From comfort everyday,

Again and again you plead,

‘Never again will I sing!’

Nor be joyful or fun loving,

You wonder if there is anything.






The song Alexis sang, made the birds and animals stop running to listen.

Then wave then swept over her silently, with a scream she went under.


She woke up in a room, that smelt like rosemary, thyme, mint, and other spices, and the saw hanging from the ceilings, an assortment of herbs to onions.

An old lady was humming a tune while, fixing something up, in a bowl, then she burst out singing.

“Goldenrod, roses, violets and lilies.

Makes a little dainty dish,

Set for a girl looking for me.

“She needs my help to run from water,

She scared because it devoured her brother.”

Now this song made Alexis mad.

“Who do you think you…” she started but was interrupted by the old lady.

“I am the ‘old witch’ on the mountain.” She said. “You were looking for me when the water made you land in me garden!”

Alexis was awestruck. She was going to protest, but the old lady stuffed a spoonful of the confection she made in Alexis’ mouth.

“What is this?” Alexis asked curiously. “It is delicious!!!”

“Did you not hear me song?” The old lady answered.”It is just: Goldenrod, roses, violets, and lilies. Makes a dainty dish, Set for a girl looking for me.

“She needs my help…” the witch started singing, but Alexis broke in.

“I get it!” She said. “I get it, you hear?”

“I knew you would say that!” The old lady fussed.    “Let us clean up, shall we?”

“Uh, sure.” Alexis said nervously.


After they cleaned up, they sat by a fire, and the old lady started knitting.

“Let us sing a song, shall we?” The witch said rocking back and forth on her rocker.

“Um, sure.” Alexis started. “Only if you don’t sing that song about Goldenrod and roses and stuff!” Alexis added quickly.

“Oh, alright. You first me dear.”

Alexis shuffled her feet nervously, then took a deep breath.

” The lonely night,

Does shine so bright,

As my heart aches,

The world does quake,

For loneliness,

To go away,

I really still,

Am lonely for,

My true love to,

Come ho-me.”

The witch wiped tears from her face.

And continued knitting.

“Who taught you that song?” The old lady wondered.

“My mother taught it to me and mom’s friend taught it to her.” Alexis said.

“But dear,” the old lady started. “Why are you lonely?”

“Both my brothers are gone, and my mother died and my father is away.”

“Your brother is alive deary, I was gonna tell you, but you needed time to…” she was interrupted by Alexis.



~~~WHAT!” ALEXIS SCREAMED. “My brother is alive???”

“Of course,” the old lady said. “Arthur can swim greatly.”

“That is impossi- wait.” Alexis said suspiciously. “How did you know his name?”

“Lucky guess!” The old lady smiled creepily.

“Okay.” Alexis said as she tried to think of a way out of the hut.

“Don’t leave yet!!!” The witch cried softly.

“Please, don’t leave!” She begged and pleaded. And Alexis was sorry for her, but refused to stay.

“I am sorry.” Alexis said, slightly looking over  her shoulder. “I have to journey for my brother.”

“I guess that is final?” The lady looked at Alexis.

Alexis nodded.

“Oh man,” the witch looked depressed. “No tea and glazed rice-cake, then.”

“Wait, what glaze is it?”Alexis asked.


“I’m in!”

They made 4 ½ batches of rice cake, and 4 Liters of tea.

Yes. It is a lot of food, but it is a party! What do you expect when a bunch of hungry-creatures are meeting!


After they finished with preparing, these creatures just started walking in. Or more like floating or hovering.

One was made of fire. Another was of water and swam (kind of) through the air.

Another one was stomping and it left dirt wherever it walked, so brooms just swept it up. Magically. With no one using it. Magically.

Then a woman with birch bark skin started talking to Alexis. Apparently, she was one of the few Elementals (yea, elementals) that could speak. She also had branches sticking out of her head, what is her “hair”. Her name was Nature’s-Green. She was kinda snobby, so Alexis excused herself.

She saw a misty person. Well an Elemental, actually. She was about Alexis’ age.

The Elemental spoke to Alexis. Well, in her mind.

‘Hello‘ it said. ‘My name is Airloom-Mist. You can call me Mai.’

‘Cool!’ Alexis said. ‘I am Alexis Draught-Storm. And you can call me Alex.’

Alexis was getting more comfortable with the name Alex.

‘Well,’ Mai started. ‘I want to help you find your brothers.’

~~~PETER IS ALIVE?!?!?!” Alexis tugged her hair.

“Yes, Alex.” Mai said. “He is definitely alive.”

“Wow,” Alex exclaimed. “You can talk!”

“Yes, I am one of the few Elementals that can speak.”

“We should journey soon.” Alex decided.

“Mai and the Old… What is your name?” Asked Alexis.

“Thelma. Thelma Frost.”

“Okay,” Alexis nodded. “Mai and Thelma…”

“Aunt. Call me Aunt,” ‘Aunt’ Thelma corrected.

Alexis rolled her eyes. “Mai and Aunt Thelma. Pack up now and when we are done we shall journey.”


“How is Peter alive?” Alex asked.

“He has magic.” Mai said.

“We have decided that you have magic, too.”

Thelma said. “Crystal magic it is.”

“But I don’t get how Peter is alive.” Alex pointed out. “What type of magic does he have?”

“Water magic.” Thelma said.

“Since he has purplish-black hair and only great mages have that type of hair. No one or thing would let him die. Not even the wolves.” Mai said. “And speaking of wolves, they are raising Peter step by step.”

“Why aren’t they eating him?” Alexis said still confused.

“Since his other magic is Animal magic, also known as shape-shifting.”

“Wow.” Alexis said. “What does Arthur have?”

“What is his personality?” Thelma said.

“He is rowdy, disobedient, irresponsible, and…”

Thelma interrupted. “Hmm.”

“…ornery.” Alex finished.

“That explains it!!!” Thelma said.

“Yes.” Mai said. “Yes it does.”


“Dragon magic!!!” Alex scoffed. “Seriously!

He is so irresponsible. He doesn’t even believe in magic.”

“He does now.” Thelma said.

Then Arthur walked through the door.

“ARTHUR!!!” Alexis said. “You… you…”

“Yea, whatever.” Arthur said. His boots dripped like crazy.

“When I have a day away from him, I get another one like him.” Alex mumbled staring at Aunt Thelma, and started to scrub the dishes.

“Looks like someone had a party without me.” He said twirling a piece of confetti.

“Yea, because you almost got killed!!!” Alex grumbled.

“Wow, tiger.” Arthur said.

“Where were you!” Alex started crying.

She ran towards him and hugged him.

He looked disgusted, and looked at Thelma for approval. She nodded.

Then Arthur hugged her tight and spun her around.

“I came as soon as I could.” He said. “I came as soon as I could.”

Not as bad as the one before, but still… *shudders* not my best work. Written in 2011-2013. I don’t really know when.

Working on a Short Story!

Hey guys! Aggie here and I am HERE TO SAY… I am working on a short story! It is Untitled but here is the gist of the story:

Patty Halls and Fiona Risk, had gotten college degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice but work at The Happy Diner in the middle of nowhere in Pensilvania. But soon Patty is receiving little notes on order tickets from a mysterious man they call Mr. Ham Salad… Will she find out who he is? I bet she can, with a little problem-solving to find out.

It is an Untitled Story as of yet. Any name ideas?

You like? I showed the idea to my dad and he wanted me to write it because it sounded interesting. I may even (eventually when I am done with my both my Major Series (The Dostillan Hero Series and the Markspin Chronicles)) write a book full of cases they will solve in the future. Think “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and wanna see more! Bye! ❤


Through The Ages | The Dostillan Hero Draft 1: Part 1/1

Here it is… The first EVER draft of The Dostillan Hero.


The Shallow Lake

A girl at the age of twelve stood in front of a lake.

“The lake is shallow,”she said.”It will be fine. They will come.”

But the thought of her brother’s death at the shallow lake, made it impossible to think of anything good.

I wish Peter was here he would love to see Zimm at home. She thought.

“Alexis!”a voice startled her. “You’ve grown so much!”

She saw Zimm staring at her with sparkling eyes.

“Where is Peter?”

“Hasn’t mother told you? I sent a letter about his death.”


“He was playing by the lake. He went to close, and…fell in.”

She cried when Zimm’s eyes grew wide.

“Where’s mother?” Alexis asked.

“Fell ill with a disease and passed away.” Zimm  had tears in his eyes.

“What will we do now?” Alexis asked.

“I don’t know, I hear there is Orcs in  Youngstown. There is an adventure.”

“Everything is an adventure to you. We could go. Just the two of us.”

She took a last look at Thimble Ville. And turned towards a little cottage in the wood.

Oh gosh… Horrible isn’t it. Our little brother and mother have died. What shall we do now? LET’S GET OURSELVES KILLED! Great idea, isn’t it? Note the sarcasm.

Hope you enjoyed this! PEACE OUT!


Through The Ages Introduction!

Hey Guys! I want to tell you about this Idea I have! What if I show you my old drafts of my book ideas! I’ll start with my best idea, The Dostillan Hero! Tomorrow look out for something titled along the lines of this: “Through The Ages | The Dostillan Hero: Draft 1”.

Every Thursday I could post something like this!

Hope you like this idea! 🙂




The Lost Hero | Book Review #1

Oh, Rick… Why must you do this to me? I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF PERCY JACKSON!

Hey guys! It’s Aggie, and today I want to tell you a little story before I go into the book review of Percy Jackson.

When the Percy Jackson Movie came out, my parents rented it and we watched it as a family. I didn’t know who Percy Jackson was, but I thought the movie was pretty cool (I was young XD).

Then later that year, we were cast into a play where we saw so many people reading the Percy Jackson books, saying it was good! But I didn’t see the connection with the movie (I was young).

While in the play I was in 5th grade, I had to read a book about Greek Myths… Boy, I LOVED that book. I read the myths over and over and OVER again. It was so interesting. I even made a poll of WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE GOD/GODDESS! and I got cut down by some guy who thought he was awesome on how to pronounce the names. I don’t care if I still pronounce them wrong. It is just a trait I have.

But in 2011 or 2012 my friend, Josh (let’s call him that) came over to our house and I was trying to force him to read the Hunger Games, whilst he was trying to force me into reading Percy Jackson. He said it was connected to the movie and stuff, and I was thinking back at it and remembering how STUPID it was (I just didn’t want to give in easily).

Finally we agreed to swap books. After a couple of months, I remember going to the Book Store and couldn’t find a good book to read. I then saw Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. That moment changed EVERYTHING!

I swear I couldn’t put the book down. So thanks Josh! You are AWESOME!

So here we are at the SECOND series. The Heroes of Olympus. I already finished the series in 2015 and it was epic. But I decided to read “The Lost Hero” after not reading it for around 2 years.

It was awesome! I finished it (yet again) in about 2 or 3 days. I love that series.

My favorite character: Leo Valdez, bad boy supreme! 😄 TEAM LEO FTW!

Least Favorite Character: Dylan? Is that his name? Hate him.


“A good introduction to the new series, introducing new characters, and bringing back old. Rick is back with his witty words, interesting plot line, and his skill at hooking you! A recommendation to fans of mythology and nonstop action!” ~MOI!

Lol. Hope you liked this post! If I get a few more likes I will consider re-buying “The Son of Neptune”. We gave it away after I finished it. I really don’t remember much about it. Then it was my least favorite of the series. AND I am considering buying the missing books from the first series (I am missing The Lightning Thief and The Titan’s Curse).

See ya later, peeps! ❤


I’m a comedian? Sort of…

Hey guys! Since NaNoWriMo ended I haven’t posted anything really EXCITING yet. Well, nothing really exciting has happened besides me deciding a few things.

I have decided to not do a bazillion things at once! Great idea isn’t it?

I have so many ideas that I want to work on, but I have decided to just focus on at most TWO things (with one small thing that isn’t hard).

I will be focusing REALLY hard on my Comedy. Yes, I do comedy. I do a lot of things. lol. So my MAIN comedy focus is VOICES! I make characters and put voices to them, and record them for Instagram! HERE IS THE LINK: Zelda 😄 idk. Don’t worry the link will open in a new tab for ya’ll. At least it should…

So far I have this character named Belinda Loney, she has a deep vibrato voice and wants to be an Opera Popstar. Even though her singing can be- I don’t know- Horrid?

I have quite a few videos on there and feel free to ask Belinda Questions and/or ask for a song for her to sing! (Spoiler: She may butcher the lyrics XD).

My second project I am working on is SUPER important as well. Maybe not AS important for my future, but it will get my voice acting out there. The project is MINEA! As this subject may be familiar with you, I still want to get at least 3 episodes done by August 1st of 2017. I have most of my voice actors (friends I have made over the years and from doing some theatre), my script is written, we have a Minecraft Server, I have a mod list, the list goes on.  But the reason I have not been getting to it, is because I need to put the MODS on, I need to send out emails to the voice actors, I need to meet up with my friends so we can record voices TOGETHER, since they don’t have the right equipment (I’m not sure if WE have the right equipment). And altogether it sounds like a PAIN! Our server is 1.8.8 and my dad says we can do 1.8.9 mods on it, and it seems like it just gets more complicated. But that won’t make me give up. I WILL FINISH THIS EVEN IF IT MEANS GIVING UP FREE TIME ON COMPUTER! I WILL DO IT!

I also am helping my friends with a blog (which is fun and for free time) called SOS. It is a series we worked on together and we write posts every weekday at 4PM Central Time. But thank goodness that we have already written the script for Season One, or else I would not be able to do much the next few months. Here is their link: ZELDA


Thanks for reading and sticking at my side, peeps! See you around!

~Aggie Kopp


P. S. Here is a shoutout to an awesome blogger, called Mimi Minecraft and Gaming. She is so sweet, and gave me a shoutout earlier today! Thanks Mimi!

Mimi’s Link: Zelda