Through The Ages | The Dostillan Hero Draft 1: Part 1/1

Here it is… The first EVER draft of The Dostillan Hero.


The Shallow Lake

A girl at the age of twelve stood in front of a lake.

“The lake is shallow,”she said.”It will be fine. They will come.”

But the thought of her brother’s death at the shallow lake, made it impossible to think of anything good.

I wish Peter was here he would love to see Zimm at home. She thought.

“Alexis!”a voice startled her. “You’ve grown so much!”

She saw Zimm staring at her with sparkling eyes.

“Where is Peter?”

“Hasn’t mother told you? I sent a letter about his death.”


“He was playing by the lake. He went to close, and…fell in.”

She cried when Zimm’s eyes grew wide.

“Where’s mother?” Alexis asked.

“Fell ill with a disease and passed away.” Zimm  had tears in his eyes.

“What will we do now?” Alexis asked.

“I don’t know, I hear there is Orcs in  Youngstown. There is an adventure.”

“Everything is an adventure to you. We could go. Just the two of us.”

She took a last look at Thimble Ville. And turned towards a little cottage in the wood.

Oh gosh… Horrible isn’t it. Our little brother and mother have died. What shall we do now? LET’S GET OURSELVES KILLED! Great idea, isn’t it? Note the sarcasm.

Hope you enjoyed this! PEACE OUT!



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