Working on a Short Story!

Hey guys! Aggie here and I am HERE TO SAY… I am working on a short story! It is Untitled but here is the gist of the story:

Patty Halls and Fiona Risk, had gotten college degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice but work at The Happy Diner in the middle of nowhere in Pensilvania. But soon Patty is receiving little notes on order tickets from a mysterious man they call Mr. Ham Salad… Will she find out who he is? I bet she can, with a little problem-solving to find out.

It is an Untitled Story as of yet. Any name ideas?

You like? I showed the idea to my dad and he wanted me to write it because it sounded interesting. I may even (eventually when I am done with my both my Major Series (The Dostillan Hero Series and the Markspin Chronicles)) write a book full of cases they will solve in the future. Think “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and wanna see more! Bye! ❤



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