Another Post on Thursday?

Well today my friends, will be AWESOME! I know it! Two sets of friends are coming over for a Christmas Dinner, and we will TRY (I repeat), TRY, to record Minea Voices for Episodes 1-3. Maybe even a YouTube video about Christmas. I also have been working on a book, well, a short story. Make that two stories. I am also writing a short story about my book The Dostillan Hero. It should be funny.

I posted about it earlier this week, but it is about two girls who are detectives get mysterious notes from some customer. They investigate.

So…. CHRISTMAS IS COMING UP! So excited!!! YAYAYA! Achem! Excuse that. I have been talking to Sunset too much. lol jk jk. She is the best!

What are YOU guys looking forward to, this Christmas?

See ya later! Buh-bye!




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