Happy New Year! From a new Hobbit Fan! May Contain Spoilers…

Hello, fellow WordPress dwellers! I’m back with a new post. Last night my family and I watched all three Hobbit Movies in a row (we kinda stayed up until 2-3). My favorite characters are probably Kili, Thorin, Bilbo, and Fili.


But um, SPOILER ALERT three of them died so… Yea. A part of me died as Kili died…. A few tears fell… I had read the book years before, but I forgot most of it… BUT WHY KILI???? HE WAS IN LOVE!!! WHHYYYYY!!!! It has been awhile since I cried for a movie character. The Last time was when I watched Big Hero Six in theaters and when Hiro’s brother died. END OF SPOILERS.

Hope you guys have a wonderful year!



P. S. SPOILERS In honor of Kili, I may make a character in my book series. lol. Who Won’t die, and SPOILERS END HERE!




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