New Year’s Resolution(s).

A little late I must say but I feel I must do this:

  1. Write The Book! I can’t write other books unless I write this one!
  2. Create my World for my books.
  3. Create the World’s languages. (Not too hard.)
  4. Write a short story. The one for my dad.
  5. Write up to Ep. 5 of Tea With B. Loney (You’ll find out soon enough)
  6. Film and voice Minea. (On Minecraft anyway)
  7. Finish building Minea (ALMOST DONE)
  8. Finish Driver’s Education (Just started yesterday. 9 weeks to go! I think)
  9. Learn how to sword-fight. Well. (I already am learning)
  10.  Excel in School.

Seems like enough. See you all in another post. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT ME TO WRITE ABOUT NEXT! Your comments are appreciated!







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