Through The Ages: The Dostillan Hero: Draft 2, Part 2/3

Here is the late update:

Part 2:




This part contains Alexis and Arthur, adventure in finding Peter. And a little surprise is at their new home, waiting for them to return.


~~~THE MOON GLISTENED upon newly made lake. Since the flood, the water was ten-times it’s original height.

The team of elite warriors… well not elite, but amazing… okay they aren’t amazing either, but I got a story to tell. Okay, the team of mages, came walking into the night. The two rookies and the Elemental, and, well, the old lady, crept through the woods.

Mai’s eyes shot a shocked look at a bush and sighed.

“Volme’er,” she started. “I told you to stay in the Elema plane.”


Then a goblin-like creature with wings, came into the opening nervously.

“Weell Ai waanteed to go weeth yuu.” the creature said. “Thee Aeer Ellimintaals wir pesstireeng mee!”


“Tell them their Queen orders that they shall not pester, until the next twenty moons.” Mai said orderly, but annoyed.


“Twentee moonss, gott et.”  The creature said determined. He whirled around and disappeared.


“Uh,” Alexis said. “Who was that?”


“My, well, ‘trusty’ servant.” She said still looking annoyed.


“Oh,” Alexis said. “Okay.” She nodded like it made sense.


Arthur was like, seriously.


‘Seriously,’ he thought. ‘She seriously thinks it makes sense?’


‘It does’ Mai said.


“Ahhh!!!” Arthur screamed.


Alexis looked at Mai looking for answers.

‘I talked to him in his mind’ Mai said smiling triumphantly.


“Oh, like you’re doing right now.” Alex answered.


“Huh???” Thelma said looking around.


“Never mind.” Alexis said blushing. She pulled her scarf over her face.


Arthur let out an annoyed breath. Alex pulled her scarf up more, and her face was red from blushing.


They walked through the woods carefully, when Mai spoke to their minds.


‘Something dangerous is disturbing the air.’


‘How do you know?’ Arthur wanted to know, and was being a turd on purpose.


‘Because it is air.’ She said acting like it was common sense.


They looked confused.

Mai sighed.


‘I am an AIR Elemental!’


‘Oh,’ they all nodded.


‘Well as I was saying, act casual then be ready for battle.’


All of them nodded.


They acted casual. Well, too casual.


They were acting creepy casual.


“La de da! La de da!” Arthur chorused repeatedly, while he skipped.


“We are walking, just walking. Nothing else.” Thelma said.


“Nothing to see here!!!!!!!!” Alex said on-purposely loud.


And Mai just walked thinking  ‘These are DEFINITELY weird people.’


Then a boy just walked out of the woods, totally bewildered.


“You are bad actors,” he started. “If you know I am there then attack. Don’t act foolish.”


Alexis and Arthur were wondering why he looked familiar.


“Do I know you?” They said at the same time.


Then they started fighting about talking at the same time.


“SHUTUP!!!” The boy growled. “It is just like my visions.”


The ‘elite’ team of heroes, looked puzzled.

“What are you talking about?” Mai asked trying to be motherly.


When the boy saw her, his eyes sparkled.

‘Wait,’ Alexis thought. ‘Only Dad, Arthur and Peter have those eyes… Peter?’ The last part she said aloud.

“How did you know my name?” He asked. Alexis was about to answer, but a pack of wolves came behind him. Peter started talking to them. They growled.


“You people are most probably the people looking for me! Why are you trying to get me?!?!” Peter’s eyes were full of tears.

We heard him say, “Destroy them.”

The wolves were charging.


“WAIT!!!” Alexis cried. Peter held his hand up. The wolves stopped in their tracks.

“Don’t you remember me?” Alexis cried on her knees.


“I don’t remember anything before I got out of the lake, really.” He said.


“I am your sister!”


“But why were you in my visions?”


“I —I don’t know.”


“I can restore it.” Thelma said.


“You have magic?” Alexis asked.


“Yep,” Thelma said. “Not normal magic, though. I have white magic.”


“What does it do?”


Thelma rolled her eyes.


“It has the power to control objects and heal people.”


“Can it control people?” Arthur asked.

“Objects, OBJECTS!” Thelma said madly. “Do people these days have ears???”


“Sorry…” he said blushing.


“What did you say?” Thelma said.


Mai rolled her eyes and smiled at Peter. He blushed.


Alexis ran to Peter. Actually ran into him

and knocked him over. She started hugging him.


“The medic is walking through. Move it, move it.” Thelma said. She touched him on the fore-head. He gasped.


“Alexis!!!” He ran to her, and hugged her. He started crying.


“Arthur,” he cried. “Your back!!!”


“Oh it is too good,” Thelma said. “It is too good.” She wiped a tear from her eyes.


~~~THEY WALKED BACK to Aunt Thelma’s house, and found the door opened.

“I thought I closed the door,” Thelma said. “I hate this rusty door.”


They went in. To their surprise they saw a man with twinkling eyes like Peter’s and Arthur’s.


‘I know those eyes.’ Alexis thought.


“Papa!” Peter cried.


“Well, the dead man lives.” Pa said with his eyes twinkling.


“Hello, Aunt Thelma.” Pa winked when he said Aunt.


“She is our Aunt?” Peter asked puzzled. “She looks more like gram-ma to me.”


They all laughed heartily.


“Bedtime for some youngsters.” Pa said.


“Okay Pa.” All the kids said.


They went up stairs and heard their Pa talk,

“Thank you Mai and Thelma, for taking such good care of them.” Pa saw Alexis by the door staring at him.

He winked and the door shut magically.




Alexis woke up smelling the goldenrod confection. She had not realized how hungry she was. She rushed down the stairs to see her family and Thelma.

“Pa,” she asked. “Who IS Thelma.”


“Your God mother I suppose.” He smiled.


“Mm, mm, mm.” Thelma hummed.


“Goldenrod, roses, violets and lilies,

Makes a little dainty dish,

To set before my family.


“They need another helping of this food,

Because it is so delicious.” The old lady chuckles.


“Where is Mai?” Peter asked.


“Gone for awhile.” Papa answered.


“How long?” Peter seemed worried.


“A few hours.”


Peter seemed better, but was still disappointed.


“I have decided that, Arthur should get a job in town.” Pa said. Everyone did  something unexpected.


Thelma dropped her ladle, Alex choked on her spoon, Peter’s food fell out of his mouth and Arthur fell out of his chair when Pa said that.

“What?” He said. “He will work at the newspaper press.”


“Which one?” Alexis said. “Is it The Avenue? Or The Redder Press?”




“What,” Alexis was puzzled. “Those are the only ones.”


“Not anymore.”Pa said excitedly. “Tiffanny Niwea is making a new one, Mage Press.


“Since Mages aren’t appreciated anymore she wants them to be liked. The people of town are thinking about voting mages out. Since Tiffanny is a mage she won’t be able to see her family anymore if the citizens vote mages out.


“So she is hiring mages and magic fans, to help save the town.”


“I will join!!!” Arthur stood up suddenly.


~~~A FEW YEARS later Arthur went to work, while Pa went back to the lumberyard for his job. Arthur was 17, Alexis was 15, and Peter was 12.

Alexis and Peter stayed in the witches house, which was their new home, and they were bored.

“I will go outside and look for visitors.” Peter said.


Which meant looking for Mai. Peter had a major crush on Mai. He always looked for her.


Alexis went outside to Peter and saw him in a tree reciting something like this.

“Mai, will you marry me?

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

You are my friend,

And I love you.”


“Peter and Mai up in a tree”Alexis said.”K-i-s-s-i-n-g.”

Peter blushed and said he’d strangle Alex.

Then Arthur ran up the path. He was talking so fast all they heard was this.


“WHAT?!?!?!” Alexis said. “I cannot understand you.”

“I asked Tiffanny Niwea to marry me.”


Peter fell out of his tree.

Alexis fell on her bottom.

Aunt Thelma came out of the house with a dish and a towel.

“What dear?” She asked.

“I asked Tiffanny Niwea to marry me,” he said.

Pa came up behind him, and patted him on the back.

“Congrats, my boy,” he said. “Congrats.”

All of the sudden Mai came and snapped her fingers, and Alexis was up again magically.

“Air…” Alexis muttered angrily.

Peter gave Alexis a  “I will strangle you later” look, and walked off with Mai.


~~~EVEN THOUGH NEW starts do not  always end up well, it is good for the Draught-Storms. They were excited for Arthur and Tiffanny. They are already planning their wedding.

It was February 15th, 2 days from Arthur’s birthday.

And Arthur said they will reveal the plans that Sunday on his birthday.

So Friday past quickly, nothing happened much except that they went to school. Everyday people are nervous about being around them, because of 2 reasons.

  1. They are mages, and 75% of the civilization goes against them.
  2. They just went on a quest, and are popular. In a bad way.


So you get Friday. On Saturday they were finishing up dinner (washing the table, sweeping, dishes, etc.), when Arthur burst through the door.

“You’re late.” Pa said sternly.

“Again.” Alex said under her breath.


“Sorry,” Arthur said. “I won’t do it again.”

Alex rolled her eyes.

When dinner was finished, they sat in the sitting room.

“Who wants a story?” Pa asked. The kids nodded solemnly.

“What shall the story be?” Pa asked.

“The New Dimension!!!” Peter said amazed.

“No something like a real story,” Alexis said.

“Oh,” Pa said with an ornery look on his face. “I will give you a real story.”

And he told the tale of Alex and Arthur Draught-Storm finding their brother, Peter.

So they went to bed wondering about tomorrows plan.


The kids went down stairs and saw Tiffanny Niwea, Arthur’s fiance.

They said they will have a white cake with rose-water frosting. And they will have their honeymoon in Moon-lark City, the largest city in the country Luna-Tee, the smallest country on their continent, Almerland.

The wedding will be by the shallow lake.

And the wedding will be on the 22nd of March, 4pm.




The wedding went along well, and no one knew that the bride and groom were mages (except their family), and unexpected guests came piling in.

The groom was on a boat with the preacher (my dad), and the bride will walk up the dock, with the flower-girl (Alexis), and the ring-holder (Peter).


Then the wedding started, and the bride went up the dock, but she fell into the cold lake.

Arthur screamed and tried to jump in, but Peter stopped him and gave him the ring, and Peter jumped in. The strangers gasped.

But then in a moment the water shot up with Peter and Tiffanny on top.

The strangers murmured excitedly.

“The mage just saved someone.” a man said.

“It seems they are good after all.”


Peter was famous. He was a rare kind of mage, called a Dostillan. They can have two types of magic. Peter has Water and Animal.

Both reasons how he survived falling in the lake and living with wolves.

Little did he know that he would rule a powerful country called, Romasa.

Alexis also is  a rare mage. They can control gems inside the earth, it is called a Crystallin.

Arthur on the other hand has more common magic.

I mean to me, it would be a REAL bummer being a Dragonian.

All you could do is transform into a big, flying, fire-breathing, reptilian menace.


Okay, it would be cool. I am just being funny. Hehe. Hehehe. Okay back to the story.

Basically the chapter is over, but I want to tell you one more thing, try to remember.


Triod Assulmen Watli Ricen Aboft Allont Athurts.



Cover art By Edraithion:
His stuff


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