Mark of Athena | Book Review/Rant #5

I borrowed the book from the library and I had already read it recently but I (again) fell in love with the characters. Why RICK?

Anyways I wrote a list of things that I love about the Mark Of Athena. Here they are:

  • I love how Annabeth and Percy’s relationship is unbreakable.
  • I love how Jason and Percy have the greatest bromance in the history of bromance.
  • I love how Leo teases everyone, but is hiding his deep, dark sadness inside.
  • How Hazel & Leo have a deep connection
  • How Ella, Tyson and Mrs. O’Leary are the greatest trio.
  • How Intuitive Annabeth is.
  • How Annabeth and Piper steal each others food.
  • How Hazel doesn’t know what a chicken nugget is.
  • How Buford the Table has a secret crush on the engine.
  • How Hazel fanned her face and couldn’t meet Percy’s eyes when he and Annabeth fell asleep in the stables.
  • How Leo screams as Frank the Friendly Eagle flies him to the Argo II but crashes them instead.
  • How Sammy stole Hazel’s heart.
  • How Mermaids hiss and it turns out to be laughing.
  • When Percy pretends that Mr. D is on board the Argo II.
  • When the girls pretend to go crazy.
  • When Frank turns into a Dolphin.
  • When Annabeth wants to punch the Mark of Athena in the face.
  • How Leo is the McShizzle and Bad Boy Supreme.
  • How Leo wished he wasn’t so good.
  • How Frank hates “Leo’s World”.

I love all these things about the Mark of Athena.

That’s all I guess.

Oh, wait!

7/10 stars.

And remember guys: It is never too late to write “Team Leo” on your shirt, no matter what circumstance.

Peace out!


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