JANUARY Book Haul: Books

Here it is! The JANUARY book haul (it is called that now lol)! I am here with all these 12 books:


Riverkeep, Martin Stewart; The Selection, Kiera Cass; The Elite, Kiera Cass; The One, Kiera Cass; The Guard, Kiera Cass; The Prince, Kiera Cass; Son of Neptune, Rick Riordan; Mark of Athena, Rick Riordan; The Invaders, John Flanagan; The Hunters, John Flanagan; Anne of Green Gables, L. M. Montgomery;; Ms. Marvel, G. Willow Wilson.

The first book I am going to review is Riverkeep, by Martin Stewart:

Synopsis: Wulliam is the son of the Riverkeep; Keeper of the untamed Danek River. His father’s job is to keep weeds in check, light lanterns to keep the ice from melting and retrieve dead bodies from the water. But his father falls into the Danek’s cold depths, only to come out as if a new person. Wulliam realizes that he had been possessed. And it is now Wulliam’s job to keep the river in check, and find a cure for his father. But he must kill a mystical beast to find the cure… How will Wulliam handle that?

Review: “I liked it! It wasn’t my favorite but there were some pretty funny lines, and exceptional lines that were pretty poetic. Then ending wasn’t satisfying but it was a good read!”

Rating:star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597/star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597 (6/10)

Next is The Selection/The Elite/The One/The Prince/The Guard, by Kiera Cass:

Synopsis: America is a Five. The 3rd lowest rank in the Caste. She had received a letter to be put in the Selection: A “competition” to win over to Prince’s heart… Against 34 other girls. Unwillingly she puts her name in and her life changes forever. She now wears the finest dresses and eats the best food, but will she win over Prince Maxon’s heart? Or does she even want to? It is up to America to decide who she loves most: Maxon or Aspen?

Review: “I thoroughly enjoyed the three books. I liked the next one better than the one before and it kept me on edge the entire time. Though there were a lot of hints that The Hunger Games inspired her, but I loved it. One of my favorite reads.”

Rating: star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597 (10/10)

Next up: The Brotherband Chronicles Book 2-3, by John Flanagan:

Synopsis: Hal and the Heron Crew are searching for the Raven and it’s pirate inhabitants. They venture to retrieve what was stolen from them: the Andomal.

Review: “I really enjoyed it! Can’t wait to read the next book, because GILAN is in it… EHHEHEHUEHUE!”

Rating: star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597 (10/10)

Now it is time for Son of Neptune/Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan:

Synopsis: Percy Jackson’s story continues… Read my reviews!

Review: Son Of Neptune Mark Of Athena

Rating: star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597/star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597 (7/10)

AHHH! Anne of Green Gables, by L. M. Montgomery:

Synopsis: Anne Shirley, a young orphan is mistakingly adopted by two siblings, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. She faces all the mishaps and adventures that she creates with her quick tongue and fiery personality.

Review: “I loved the movies, so what the heck! Let’s read the book! I loved it so much! I see a little of the girls in my family in Anne Shirley. If you read you’ll never forget Ann with an ‘e’.”

Rating: star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597/star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597 (7/10)

Here we are with:

And Finally, Ms. Marvel, by G. Willow Wilson:

Synopsis: Kamala Khan is just a normal teenage Muslim from Jersey City, right? Wrong. She is actually a superhero known as Ms. Marvel, with the ability to shift her body to stretch, grow, shrink and morph into someone else. But what happens when Kamala gets grounded from going out besides going to school? Do you think that will stop the head-strong Kamala? Nope. It never will.

Review: It was my type of humor. The drawings described the scene well, and I loved the use of comedy and live that was breathed into it. I totally recommend it to Marvel (or DC) fans. (I am a DC fan but I enjoy Marvel’s content a lot).

Rating: star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597/star_png1597star_png1597 (7/10)

Hope you all enjoyed this! BYE!



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