Through The Ages: The Dostillan Hero: Draft 2, Part 3/3

Hi! I know it’s late but here it is! The DOSTILLAN HERO! Draft 2, part 3 of 3.



Part 3:

The Dredderlands


Arthur and Tiffanny, were being brought to Moon-lark city for their honeymoon, by pa, but an unexpected journey awaits them.

~~~ALEXIS WAS SERVING up breakfast while Aunt Thelma was in bed resting.

The smell of cooked ham and hash-browns made Peter come down the stairs of the attic.

“Is that REAL ham?” Peter asked.

“Yes it is, my little eater.” Alexis said.

“Arthur come down here!” she said.

Peter stared at her. She blushed. She had forgotten that Arthur was gone. So she went back to making orange juice.

“Arthur!!!” A voice said. “Arthur!!!”

Alex turned to Peter, he shook his head.

Then Alex ran into the room by the kitchen, where Aunt Thelma slept.

When she burst through the door, she saw Aunt Thelma reading a fairytale book.

“Did you say Arthur’s name after I said it?” Alexis asked.

Aunt Thelma shook her head.

Then Peter screamed. Alex ran into the kitchen with Aunt Thelma behind her.

Peter pointed his shaking hand towards the door. There was a voice calling Arthur’s name behind it.

Alexis grabbed a frying pan, Aunt Thelma used her magic to pick up a broom, while Peter made a crow come in through the window and Peter held the bird on the tip of his finger and slightly coward.

When Alexis opened the door, a dirty figure was there. It looked vaguely familiar.

“Tiffanny!!!” They all said at once.


“So Pa was driving us to Moon-lark City,” Tiffany started. “Then we were around the capitol area, when goblins came out of the trees.

“Then Arthur turned into a Dragon, but a goblin in a cloak, shocked Arthur with black lightning and a black aura went around Arthur, and he started attacking us. So Pa used his air magic to cover me, and I teleported here! What happened to Arthur and Pa?”

“Black magic,” Thelma said.

“What?” Peter said.

“It can control people.”

“Can it control objects?”

“People, PEOPLE!” Aunt Thelma was furious. “Do people have ears these days?”

“Sorry,” Peter said guiltily.

“Can you repeat that, hon?”

Alexis grinned as she thought about last time Aunt Thelma did something like that.

But her smile faded, because that memory included Arthur.

What happened to her father? What happened to her brother? Why did the goblins attack them?

“So many questions, Alex.” Said a voice.

It was Mai, standing by the doorway.

“What???” Aunt Thelma said, puzzled.

I listened to her mind. Mai said.

“Like your doing right now!” Thelma said.

They laughed dryly at the old joke.

They weren’t in a good mood, since Arthur and Pa are either dead or captive.

Thoughts thundered through Alexis’ head, thinking of a plan.

“We need to ambush the goblins hideout,” she said finally.

“But where is their hideout.” Mai said. “The only way to find them is to find the hideout.”

“But we might be, too late.” Tiffanny said.

“We are not too late!” Alexis slammed her fists on the table. “I promise you.”

She paused to look out the window.

“I promise you we will find our family.”


The elite team (Pretty much Thelma, Tiffanny and Alexis), were packing up, when Peter comes down the stairs with a knapsack, and a wool cap.

“I am ready for adventure!” he says confidently.

“Sorry, Pete you can’t come it is too dangerous,” Alexis said.

“I am fine, I survived a lot!”

“No Peter. I don’t want to lose you again!” Alexis said. “And Ms. Pretabird is back in town, she is heading for our place.”

Peter stared at Alexis, with fire in his eyes.

He sighed, and headed to the attic (the childrens room).

Alexis turned to her group.

“Are you guys ready for adventure? ‘Cuz I am.”


The team ventured in the woods. The birds were queerly quiet. The squirrels were not in sight. Even the wind was queer. It just kept on blowing, and blowing and blowing.

It was cold for a summers day.

The trio were puzzled at the sight of the forest, as they came along the edge of an empty meadow. It looked grey as a storm was brewing over head. A queer storm it was. With greyish-purple storm clouds swirling around the center of the meadow were an old tree stood.

Mai gasped at the sight of the tree.

“That is the Portal tree, that tree brought me here!” She said.

The wind increased and lightning struck the tree.

“AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!” a teeny voice said.

“Volme’er. For the millionth time STOP FOLLOWING ME!!!”  Mai screamed.

“Sarry. Me afrayd of flashy laights.” The little creature said.

“Why are you here Me’er?” Mai asked dryly.

“At home peepl are making flashy laights.” he said.

Mai’s eyes widened. “Oh no. It is true.   Volme’er Gray-Pool Jagged-Steel III you are to send this message to the Imperial Princess Of  The High-Moons Council at once.” She said handing the winged creature a scroll.

“Okaiy Ms. Mai.” The creature twirled and the air and was gone in a puff of, well, air.

Lightning struck the tree stump again.

This time the stump exploded.

Mai clutched her heart in pain.

Aunt Thelma started holding her temples.

They heard groaning.

They turned and found a body collapse off of a tree.

“Peter!” Alexis screamed.

~~~ALEXIS RAN TO Peter’s unmoving body.

She shook him.

“Peter! Peter!” She cried. “Don’t die on me. Please hold on in there.”

Thelma and Mai came over.

Mai looked at him and gasped.

“No… No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!” She bawled.

She held him in her arms.

“Thelma. Can you do anything?” Mai asked.

“He must have a spiritial connection with nature which is impossible. There hasn’t been a Dostillan with more than two powers for 300 years… Prophecy says: ‘The Greater Dostillan will return in a new form when Terra is in Grave danger. He will reign as The King of Almerland. Terro ehc Terra Em.’

Mai amd Alexis sat thoughtfully. “He is to be King of all Almerland?”

Thelma nodded, thoughtfully.

“But Thelma… Can you save him?” Alexis asked, worriedly.
“I’m afraid not, my dear.” Thelma said, looking to the ground.

I know… Cliffhanger. But I got writers block. Plus the writing was horrible, and the plot was full of plot holes. Now we must head to Draft 3!!!!


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