Through The Ages: The Dostillan Hero: Draft 3, part 1/2

This one was started on January 28th, 2015 because my mother asked my sister and I to try to write a book.



~~~[Character name]~~~ = Point of view.



A dark figure sat, looking into a glass mirror.

What the man was looking at, was an image.

The image was a lake. A wide lake, yet shallow.

The lake was surrounded by trees. A forest by the look of it.

In the lake playing, were two young boys.

One was tall and blonde, about the age of fifteen. The other was a short raven-haired nine-year-old.

The mysterious figure, looked at them.

Where is he? The cloaked figure thought. Which one is it?

Arthur! Peter! Don’t get hypothermia! A voice called.

The mystery man looked at the mirror once again.

It now showed a girl with caramel-blonde hair.

She was about twelve.

Hmmm. Another one? The man thought.

“Lord Zelgius?” A goblinoid creature asked his master. “What is the order?”

The Lord Zelgius smirked.

“Gelbius, I want you to spy on them and find out who is the One.”

The Goblin called, Gelbius, barked orders at some of the the Lord’s minions.

“Sire?” Gelbius asked.

The evil man turned to his minion. “Yes?”

“Who exactly are we looking for?”

“You are going to find which one is the Dostillan King. In the prophecy the Dostillan King will overthrow anyone trying to steal the throne.” Zelgius stood up, raising his fist in the air. “And no one. And I mean NO ONE, will stop me from becoming King Zelgius Stormbrow. Ruler of Almerland!”

Gelbius nodded. “Yes, Dark Lord.”

Gelbius scurried off.

→ + ←

Gelbius and his clan, stood in the brush, watching the children play.

The blonde boy splashed the raven-haired boy.

“Hey!” He yelled.

“Boys. Don’t play rough.” The girl said, not looking up from her book.

But the youngest of the three, the raven-haired one, growled.

“Peter.” The girl said, now looking up.

the boy started breathing heavily, eyeing the tall boy darkly.

“PETER!” The girl said sternly.

The water around Peter started to ripple.

“Peter?” the girl asked, voice full of worry.

His pupils dilated and he hit the water with full force.

A ten-foot wave rose from where the boy hit the water.

It crashed on the tall boy.

Only a Dostillan Hero holds that power… Gelbius thought, stroking his goatee.

“Arka’an. Xelviaer. Go and take the smallest child.”

Two pale green goblinoids nodded.

Fins and scales appeared on their back.

They jumped into the water, and swam towards the children.

Chapter One


The children had no clue they were being watched.

But once the fish-goblins jumped into the water, the littlest child, Peter, felt a slight change in the water.

He narrowed his eyes, and looked around.

His brother finally surfaced the water.

“How did you do that?” he asked, in awe. the young one didn’t listen. “Listen to me Peter!”

But Peter just kept looking around him. He, then, saw sudden movement.

He went underwater.

He saw two weird-looking creatures coming in their direction.

His eyes widened, and broke to the surface.  When he came up his siblings noticed that worry was etched on his face.

“What is it, Peter?” Alexis asked, she was now worried, and jumped into the water.

Peter’s eyes widened. “GET OUT OF THE WATER!” he yelled.

Alexis nodded and pulled herself onto the dock.

On the other-hand Arthur stood there stubbornly.

“Um, why?” He asked, arms crossed.

Peter’s eyes dilated, again.

“Nuh, uh.” Arthur said. “Not this time…”

A wide wave rushed at Arthur pushing him to shore.

Peter headed for the dock. He reached for his sister’s helping hand, but got dragged to deeper water.

“Peter!” Alexis asked, worriedly.

Alexis swore she saw Peter mouthed “I will come back” before he got pulled under.

I woke up panting.

I am Dayna Valiant. I am a gypsy.

You would picture a gypsy as a crazy back-stabbing witch. Well you’re wrong.

We gypsies are nomads. We travel around looking for food, even shelter. We look for acceptance. But we never get it. We just get kicked out. KEYWORD: KICKED. Sometimes literally…

Well, as I was saying. I am a gypsy. But I am also different. I have the power to see the past, present and future. I also have had prophecies come to me in mind.

Yea, yea! Suuuuuuper creepy. You want to avoid me, la de da! I have heard THAT before, thank you very much! But this time, it isn’t just a vision. It’s a memory. I remember it like it was yesterday…

I saw the little boy being pulled under. My eyes widened, it needed to stop…

I saw the older boy scream, “PETER!!!!!!!!!!!” as he tried to jump into the water.

“Adrull Atrell!” I yelled. He  stopped in midair and flew back into a tree.

I came out from behind the tree.

The boy got up. He saw me and stalked towards me. I sheepishly waved.

“What did you do! Are you a witch?” He screamed.

“I am just doing what your brother was doing.” I said calmly.

“Peter.” he repeated and looked back at the water. “Is this your doing? Did you do this to Peter?” He yelled angrily.

“No. I am here to protect the Draughtstorms. You’re Arthur I presume.” I said.

“Who are you.” He said through his teeth scowling.

“Dayna Valiant. Gypsy Oracle that has been told to help you.” i said.

“Who told you?” He asked.

Why is he soooo complicated! I thought.

“Arthur maybe she’s right.” The girl said.

“You must be Alexis. I would like to hang out and talk but I need to save your brother, if that’s alright.”

He opened his mouth to say something, but quickly shut it.

I saw the bubbles in the water. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I focused on the boy in the water.

He turned and saw me. He reached out for me.

I held his hand and pulled.

He was moving towards the surface, but the goblins pulled hard. There was two of them and one of me. I felt Peter’s grip loosening.

He’s slipping! I thought. I tried to pull again, but the goblin’s muttered a few words and my connection was broken.

I fell back into reality. I saw Arthur and Alexis starin at me, lookin for answers.

I was angry. Angry at them for expecting so much from me. Angry at the goblins. Angry at every possible thing.

“Cursed Hobgoblins!” I screamed, and kicked the sand but ended up falling on my butt.

Arthur helped me up. “Thanks.” I muttered. “Sorry I couldn’t help your brother. I tried everything…” I looked at my feet, finding sudden interest in them.

“It’s okay. You tried your best.” Alexis said, putting her hand on my shoulder.

I smiled slightly and walked off. Once on the hill, I turned back finding Alexis looking over the water, and Arthur was looking at me.

I rubbed my eyes. I needed to find them. I needed to help fulfill Peter’s Destiny.

I grabbed my satchel and put in a map.

I also put in some stale bread, a few wrinkled apples and a big flask of water. I added my small Alchemy Set, and my Falcon’s feather quill. I ran out of my wood hut, and ran into the fenced backyard.

I opened the gate to find a Clydesdale horse.

“Hey Brownie.” I said. I had named him after the dessert because of his deep chocolate-brown coat. But I also named him after the folklore Brownie, because of his knack for keeping his yard clean.

“I got a treat for you, Brownie.” I said, and pulled a carrot out of my belt.

I gave the carrot to my horse and scratched behind his ears. I put his saddle-blanket on him, and placed his saddle on.

I swung myself on and rode off into the forest.


Hope you liked that. This version of Dayna is really awesome, but over the years she got brattier and brattier for some reason and I learned to hate her. In this version she and Arthur were a ship… lol


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