Through The Ages: TDH: D.4: Part 1/1

This one is short because I have the full version on paper…. But it isn’t the best.



Alexis ran like the wind towards the forest of Scornfell. She didn’t dare look behind her, afraid to see those three  evil knights chasing after her.


What if they catch me?  she thought. What if I will be sold as a slave, and sent to the Dredderlands!

Alexis shook off the evil thoughts and continued running.


The drumming of hooves drew nearer. Alexis picked up her pace and tried to control her ragged breathing.


Suddenly, a hand grabbed Alexis by the hair and pulled her around to face her captor.

“Thought you could outrun horses? Idiot girl.” He smirked, his left eye twitching from the terrible scar that ran through it.

The red-headed knight rode forward and laughed in Alexis’ face. “Vector, look at her pathetic face!” He gave a sadistic smile.

The tall blonde knight swung off his horse and stalked over. He gripped her cheekbones and examined her face. “Should make a couple gold pieces. Maybe even a platinum.” He said nonchalantly.

“Drop her Fredrick.” The scarred man let go of Alexis’ hair and let her lay helpless on the dirt.

As they searched through her bag, Alexis struggled to get up.

“What worthy knights.” Alexis laughed. “More like Parasites. Killing and destroying innocent lives.”

“What are you gonna do about it, princess?” Vector snarled.

Alexis screamed, causing crystals to encase the knights and she ran into the woods.




THE SUN SHONE through the dozens of Maple that were lined up throughout Erinville.

Even though Erinville was in a remote location, it was high on the list of sight-sees.


The bittersweet wind blew Alexis Draughstorm’s caramel-blonde hair across her face, causing her to wrap her shawl more tightly around her.

Alexis was the only daughter, and second child of Patrick Morse and Amaya Jane Draughtstorm.

At sixteen years, she was more mature than any other girl her age in all of Erinville.

Well, back to the story.

Alexis sat on her knees and dug through the moist Panimor soil, pulling potatoes out and setting them in the basket she bore.


After successfully digging out a dozen potatoes, Alexis heard a voice behind her.

“Cold Isn’t it?”

Alexis turned quickly and saw a familiar face. “Zinnia?” She asked.

“The one and only!” She grinned.

Alexis got up and hugged her friend. “I wasn’t expecting you till Thursday! I would of made you supper.”


“Well, our vacation was cut short by a big storm.” Zinnia said, gripping her staff a little tighter. “I was looking forward to the beach.”


“Well, I’ll make it up to you by serving you a little snack. Do you want any coffee, or tea?”


“Tea please.” Zinnia smiled gratefully.


“Okay. I’ll have it ready faster than you could say ‘for a miner’s gold mine!’” Alexis said.


Zinnia thought for a moment. “That doesn’t make any sense.”

“I know.” Alexis said nonchalantly.


Thanks for reading!


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