Through The Ages: TDH: D.5: 1/2

Here is draft 5. It isn’t the best, but none of the drafts are until the 10th which I have barely scratched the surface of. Well, the 9th is okay… But not my favorite. It’s a full book, but it doesn’t fit to what I want the story to be.



All her mind kept thinking was, why couldn’t  I save him? She turned her head with sorrow.

She looked at the sky. It was grey like the lake, a storm was coming, no doubt.

Grayish waves splashed against the dock, as if wanting to pull Alexis down. Alexis’ eyes grew with horror.

I will not go down like Peter! NEVER! She thought.

She backed away from the edge, but bumped into something. Actually someone.

She turned. A smile swept across her face.

“Arthur!” She smiled, cheekily.

Arthur grinned mischievously. “Hello Alex!”

“Looks like you came back from college! A little early, too.” Alexis said.

Arthur looked puzzled. “I told you I was coming on February the third.”

“I meant by a few hours, silly.” Alexis ruffled his hair (she had to stand on her tippy toes).

“You little trickster, you!” He said, his Paminor accent heavy[1].

She smiled, but it quickly faded.

“What’s wrong, Alexis?” Arthur asked.

“It’s just that- that…” She stifled a sob. “That Peter died here.”

Arthur face turned grim, but soon afterwards he smiled.

“How do you know he’s dead?” he asked.

“What do you mean ‘how’? You saw him fall into the lake yourself!”

“He could have swam! He is the winner of the Almerland Swimming Championships.”

Alexis rolled her eyes. “I doubt that.”

“Now!” Arthur said. “How about some of your famous pot stew?”


“Oh, for Xavier’s[2] sake!” Alexis whined.

“What wrong, Whiner McWhiney-butt?” Arthur asked, with an impish grin.

“Oh, nothing.” Alexis said in a sing-song voice. “I just need some Frelliander[3], could you be a gentleman and get me some?”

“Sure, your highness! I’ll kiss your feet afterwards.”

Alexis rolled her eyes at his childish behavior. Alexis had always been the mature one. Besides Peter. Peter was the second maturest.

Arthur was still lounging about when Alexis’ brain fell back to Earth.

“Why haven’t you gone out yet?” Alexis said, scowling. “I guess we’ll have to eat soup at Midnight!”

Arthur rolled his eyes. “Not gonna work, Al.” he said, while picking his nails.

Alexis growled. She looked him in the eyes and gave him an ice-cold stare.

Arthur clutched his heart. “Your stare is going to freeze my heart! I don’t want to be cold-hearted like my sister!” he joked.

“Out!’ Alexis pointed to the door with her spoon.

Arthur sighed in defeat.

“Oh! Also get some Androweed [4] and Codder![5]” Alexis yelled after him.

Alexis heard Arthur groan.

Alexis giggled, and stirred her stew.


Arthur came back, with an armful of groceries.

“Oh, Arthur! You didn’t have to get this stuff.” Alexis said.

“But I did.” Arthur smirked.

“Flour! You got flour! And sugar! You darling!” Alexis said, and hugged Arthur.

“Thank you, Arthur.” Alexis whispered. “Thank you…”

“Can I have some stew? I’m hungry!” Arthur said.

“You have to be a patient young man, if you want some stew.” Alexis said.

“Aye-Aye, sir!” He said. alexis glared at him. “I mean, Ma’am…”

“Now Soldier, set the table.” Alexis grinned.

“Hup, two, three, four!” Arthur marched off.

Alexis added the savory spice into her pot of stew.

Frelliander fixes everything, she thought.


After two servings of stew, they cleared their table off.

Alexis looked out the window and saw the silvery moon.

I wonder if Arthur is right. She thought. I must never give up hope.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Arthur said.

Alexis jumped. She was startled. How on Earth did Arthur come up so quietly? Arthur was usually the one to stomp around carelessly.

“Yes it is quite pretty.” Alexis nodded.

“Want to go out?” Arthur asked.

She nodded.

After they grabbed a couple woolen blankets, they headed outside.

A cold breeze swept Alexis’ hair out of her face.

Help!  Alexis heard.

She looked around.

“Wha-What was that?” Alexis stuttered.

“What was what?” Arthur asked, looking confused.

“I guess I am just hearing things.” Alexis guessed.


There it was again.

Shivers rushed up Alexis’s spine, as she looked around frantically.

“Are you alright, Alex?” Arthur asked.

“Ye- yes. I am fi- fine…” Alexis trailed off.  She now heard whimpering.

“Don’t you hear that?” Alexis asked.

“Hear what Alexis? You’re not telling me what to listen for. I am hearing lots of things.” Arthur asked, his voice full of concern.

“Is whimpering one of them?” She hissed.

“Whimpering?” Arthur asked. Arthur was just plain confused. His sister was acting weird. Was she alright?

Somebody. Please help me!

“Now I hear someone asking for help. Begging actually.” Alexis said biting her nails.

Alexis only bit her nails when she was nervous. And she was rarely nervous.

Please.  The voice stopped to sob. They are after me!

Who? Alexis thought in her mind, focusing on the voice.

The Ravagers!

Where are you? Alexis asked.

In the forest, near the creek.

That’s near us! Alexis thought.

Alexis started to run into the forest.

“ALEX! What are you doing?” Arthur asked.

“No time to explain! Follow me! And bring the blankets!” At that Alexis ran through the forest.

Arthur followed closely behind her.

Alexis reached the creek.

“Where are you?” Alexis asked.

To Arthur it seemed like Alexis was going crazy. Well he thought that until he heard a voice.

“Over here.” the voice croaked out.

Alexis followed the voice, with Arthur behind her.

She came near a log.

“Hello?” Alexis asked.

Something grabbed her leg.

Alexis screamed. It was a hand, reaching out of the log.

Alexis helped the figure out of the log.

The figure was a girl. She was short, with pale skin, which seemed to glow.

The girl had Grey eyes and thin facial features.

Her Purplish black hair, dirty and covered with mud.

The strange girl wore a ragged brown dress.

“Hi, I’m Alexis Draughtstorm! What’s your name?” Alexis asked.

“I am Princess Maira Ladonava Ecrelle of the Air Elementals. And you Alexis are in danger.”

[1] – Paminor is this world’s version of Scotland.
[2] – Xavier was a great king. He conquered most of the Dredderlands, and named it Almerland.
[3] – Frelliander is this world’s version of Basil.
[4] – Androweed is this world’s version of Rosemary.
[5] – Codder is a bitter leaf, full of vitamin D. Used for medicine.

YAY! It’s part one of two.


Hope you enjoyed!


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