Through The Ages: TDH: D.5: Part 2/2

Here is the final part to The Dostillan Hero D.5!


2 – With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

What do you mean?” Arthur asked. Arthur was overprotective, when it meant Alexis’ safety   .

“The Ravager’s will not stop looking for me. And anyone who gets in their way are, well, dead meat.” Princess Maira said.

“Okay then! We won’t get in there way! The only way to do that is to turn you over, so surrender!” Arthur said, getting into a “battle” pose.

Is he serious? Maira asked me.

Yup… Alexis mentally sighed.

“Bring it Princess Maria Laddie Creme!” Arthur said, hopping onto one foot, then the other.

Maira looked at Alexis. May I?

Be my guest. Alexis smirked.

“You can’t arrest a princess.” Maira said.

“Okay, will we have to do it the easy way or the hard way?” Arthur asked.

“I am not going to surrender to a commoner.” Maira said, giving Alexis a wink.

“I guess I am doing this the hard way.” Arthur said.

He charged, but Maira dodged easily.

Arthur charged again, backing Maira up against a tree.  He raised a fist ready to punch Maira’s face.

He wouldn’t dare!  Alexis thought.

Arthur brought his fist down.

Alexis’ eyes widened in horror.

But Maira shot her hand up. Without touching him, Arthur flew back.

Arthur’s eyes widened. “What- How… I don’t understand!”

“Dude! She’s a freaking Air ELEMENTAL!”Alexis said.

Arthur’s jaw dropped.

Maira just smirked.

“You have Magic!” Arthur whispered.

“No. I am magic. I am made of it.” The princess said.

“This is really surprising.” Arthur said, head in hands.

  It’s surprising? I didn’t think it would be surprising, since you have magic.”

Arthur looked at her wide-eyed and passed out.

Alexis started laughing hysterically.

“Nice one, Maira.” Alexis said.

“Just call me Mai. And what do you mean, ‘Nice one’?” Mai asked, confused.

“Because it was a funny joke.” Alexis said.

“I was not joking. You have magic, too.”

Alexis just stared at the Magical Princess

“Really? Can you teach me?” Alexis asked. And for the first time in months, her eyes sparkled with joy.

“Definitely!” Mai smiled.

They sat down.

Mai looked around. she spotted what she was looking for.

“Stay here.” Mai said, and walked off.

Alexis twiddled her thumbs, tapped her foot or twirled her caramel-blonde hair.

When Mai came back she wore a satchel.

She sat in front of a tree stump, and opened her satchel.

She placed the contents of the bag, onto the tree stump.

There was a flask of water, a rock, a candle, a clover, a quill, an egg, a gem, a moonstone and an empty bottle.

“Now, focus on each of these objects.” Mai said.

Alexis nodded, and stared at the flask of water.

Nothing happened. She sighed.

“Keep going!” Mai said.

Alexis looked at the empty bottle. “What’s the empty bottle for?”

“You’re supposed to try to move it with your mind.” Mai answered.

Alexis tried with all her might.

“UGH! I’ll never be able to use magic!”

“You only tried two elements! Try more!”

Alexis tried the candle (which Mai lit). Fail.

She tried the rock.  Nada…

She tried the clover. She only blew it away with her breath.

She tried the gem. Alexis felt an aura around it. But it didn’t move.

“Okay Alexis. Let’s move on.” Mai said.

But Alexis ignored her. She stared at it, until it wiggled.

Mai stared at the gem with awe. She then smiled.

The green gem rolled and then it hovered a centimeter off the stump.

A minute later, it hovered a few inches. Then a cubit.

Then it flew up high.

Come back! Alexis thought.

From far away, Alexis saw the little gem falling towards her.

She opened her hand and let it fall.

Then the ground rumbled. A few more gems flew into her hand.

They were each purple, blue or pale green.

Then the ground cracked and more gems spilled out and surrounded Alexis’ feet.

She made the gems in her hand hover.

“Alexis,” Arthur said, getting up and rubbing his head. “I had the craziest dream about magic and Prin-” He stared at the gems floating in my hand. He passed out… again.

The ground cracked more. Alexis was now getting frightened.

Mai stared in awe. She had never seen such raw power from first timer.

Maybe she’s the Dostillan Hero. She thought.

Out of the ground shot millions of gems and crystals.

Alexis was freaking out.

“Alexis! With all this power you must be able to control it. Be responsible!” Mai yelled over the booming of crystals bursting from the ground.

Alexis tried focusing, but couldn’t.

“I can’t focus! It’s too overpowering.” Alexis yelled.

She looked at Arthur. He was nearly covered with Gems.

Her nervous face turned into a determined one.

Nobody or thing is gonna hurt my brother. Alexis thought.

Alexis put her hands in the air and lowered them slowly.

She focused hard on them. They slowly went back into the Earth.

When they did, Alexis collapsed on the ground.

Mai rushed over.

“Are you alright, Alexis?” Mai asked.

Alexis nodded.

“What you did was brave.” Mai said, with a small smile on her face.

Alexis stayed silent.

“What’s wrong?” Mai asked.

“I almost killed Arthur. The only family I have left.” Alexis cried.

“Oh, Sweetie. It’s okay.” Mai hugged Alexis.

Alexis cried on her shoulder.

Why was Alexis crying? Wasn’t she like sixteen?

Yes, but everyone must cry. Over family, food, friends, politics, etc.

“Alexis what’s wrong?” Arthur said, getting up.

It’s too quick-paced– I mean, I LOVE quick-paced– but this is too much! There is no time for character development and world development.


This was started September, 2014. That was 3 years ago… OH, THAT’S WHY IT TOTALLY SUCKS IN GENERAL!!! 😛


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