Through The Ages: TDH: D.7 & D.8

Since both drafts are short I’ll post them both. lol

Draft 7 was started on Feb 11, then Feb 28 and then May 31. (DID YOU KNOW: that Jaimika was named Jace in February, 2015 but was renamed Jaimika in May? No? I bet you didn’t know. lol)


Deep within the Darkley Woods, stood two silhouetted figures.

“Dayna, are you sure this is the right direction?” The tallest one asked in a laid-back feminine voice.

“Yes, I’m sure Jaimika.” Dayna said in a ‘duh’ voice.
“Well, last time I checked, East isn’t towards the sunset.”  Jaimika said, indicating towards the the sunset with her arms.

I ditched Dayna and Jaimika for draft 10. But they will show up for another book. JAIMIKA IS SO AWESOME! I was writing a book with a timeline before TDH (inspired by the Hobbit… WHY KILI????) and I’ve writing like 7 chapters and am slowly pursuing through. HEUEHUEHE


Here is draft 8… (P. S. Whenever you see these ({}) it means that write more on it later). This was written July 6-7, 2015 and then September 9-10, 2015.

Chapter One

Alexis!” called a voice from behind. Alexis whipped her head around quickly and stared into the Mill Owner’s {Wife’s} furious blue eyes. {dropping what she was holding}

“Yes, Mrs. Robbins?” Alexis asked quietly, filing throughout her past events for a mishap. {wondering if she had failed in her past tasks}

Mrs. Stella Robbins, a cruel woman, owned the Erinville Mill along with her husband Clark. She was in charge of the ladies working the mill, while Mr. Robbins worked the boys in the fields. Alexis only met Clark Robbins once, and he was a mellow man with a soft look in his brown eyes. The couple both had graying sleek black hair, and a round face, but their complexions were very different.

They had a son named Charlie Robbins, but he died in the Cold War over Moonlark City. He sacrificed much during the last battle and basically made Panimor win along with the others who had died trying to save their country.

Alexis looked up at Miss Stella and into her eyes. {alexis could usually see one’s feelings through their eyes} She saw pain, mostly.

“Come here girl,” Miss Stella called,  with an obvious sneering tone in her voice.

Alexis walked up to her Mistress and, with a shaken hand, took hold of the railing up the stairs.

Alexis stood in front of Mrs. Robbins their eyes met and had a contest of some sort. All was quiet except for the grinding in the mill and the whooshing of the Mill fans above their heads.

“Who told you to go outside after Lunch Break?” She said cockily.

“Well, we basically finished lunch and the water bucket inside was empty and everyone voted for me to get it filled back up.” Alexis said, carefully analyzing her words.

Mrs. Robbins looked her up and and and nodded. “And where may I ask is the water bucket?” She said.

“It is still in the well, I dropped it when you called.”

That is when Mrs. Robbins laughed. It wasn’t a good hardy laugh. It was a mocking laugh that bit deep into Alexis’ skin.

“And you expect me to believe that excuse?” Alexis’ hopes just ran down the drain, and she knew any further arguing would just bring more punishment.  Over the past three years, Alexis had learned that even if you told the truth, you could never get away from any punishment with Mrs. Robbins.

All Alexis could do was look at her feet and let the punishment begin.

“Well,  Miss Draught-Storm. After you finish actually getting the water fetched, you can go up to my room and get all the laundry folded, papers in a neat pile and all it takes to clean my room. And try to get done before three o’clock, so you can start your millwork.”

Sadly, Alexis nodded and ran inside the mill, and to the Robbins’ room.


Alexis had finished cleaning under the bed, the dresser and the laundry. She now was heading on to the desk, with an hour to spare.

She put all the papers in a pile and organized them. The quills shewere color-coded and placed in a ceramic cup. She sat on the chair in front of the desk and relaxed. She glanced outside at the Church and saw that it was three thirty in the afternoon. Thirty ‘till four.

Alexis was aching badly but she was going to give the room an extra round-up of dust and garbage. She started to get up but her aching arms and legs struggled against her and she tripped and fell on the floor, dumping everything on the desk onto the ground.

“No.” She whimpered. Thirty minutes of work wasted. She got the quills, and the ink back on the desk. Thank God the ink didn’t spill, she thought thankfully.

She picked up some reports and read hers. The Mill Censor said that she was a phenomenal worker. Beat that, Mrs. Robbins!

She then put the mail in a ceramic pot beside the desk. She spotted a scroll with red ink. To: Mr. and Mrs. Clark Robbins. From: The Magic Disposal Unit.

Her eyes wide, Alexis reopened the scroll and started to read.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Clark Robbins,

We have come to notice that there must be some magic

still in the general area of Erinville. So we must ask you

to choose suspects of Magic and send us a report on the

fifteenth of June, and report their age, name and

appearance. Thank you for reading this letter,

Angelo ReMorro, Founder of MDU


No! Alexis thought. She and her brother, Arthur’s lives would be changed forever.

Alexis took a deep breath in order to calm herself. Okay… Did the Robbins reply?

After looking around for a moment she found a letter.

To: The Magic Disposal Unit. From: Mr. and Mrs. Clark Robbins.

Gulping, Alexis shakingly opened the mail.

Dear MDU,

We might have found a couple of culprits:

Jameson Grace, this fourteen year-old has both brown hair and eyes and

deeply tanned skin. Short.

Arthur Draught-Storm, he is sixteen and has light blonde

hair and blue eyes. Tall.

Olivias Moore, she is thirteen and has short brown hair

and green eyes. Pigeon toed. Short.

Alexis Draught-Storm, she is fourteen and has long blonde

hair and blue eyes. Most dangerous of all. Short and skinny.

Charlie “Clark”  Robbins & Stella Maybelle Robbins

Mrs. Robbins is a big jerk in this and the following Drafts, but in Draft 10, I am trying to make her a character with more depth. I know some people may act like Mrs. Robbins, but there always is a good side to the darkest people.


Thanks for reading.


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