Through The Ages: TDH: THE FINAL PART

I am deciding that I won’t post too much of TDH draft 9, because it could give away too much plot for D.10 (which I think will be the final draft).

I’m giving you the prologue and throughout the year a few of my favorite scenes. 🙂


Prologue: The History Lesson

Angelo watched as men and women of all ages were dragged into his castle walls, wishing the Dostillan Hero was one of them.

As the last prisoner was brought inside the fortress, Angelo scowled at his unluckiness. He growled in anger, knocking his table over frightening the other head counselors. They tried to assure him that  his wishes may prevail as long as he tried, but he waved them off in disgust. He was getting sick of searching for The Dostillan Hero for the past fifty years, so he decided to play it dirty.

Angelo was a Government official. He wove his way into it by manipulating others and finally became the right hand man of the Secretary. Together they planned to destroy the King and take over the throne. But that is another story.

Now as I was saying — by getting close to the King’s court, Angelo had the power of blackmailing King Reynold into helping him revive the Magic Disposal Unit. King Reynold’s father, King James IV, had decided to destroy all sorcerers in order to bring equality to his kingdom, but failed to realize he was soon to destroy the future of his country. He had hired his lieutenant Gordon Fei to gather them up and hide the prisoners. So soon thousands of Sorcerers were held captive in the castle of Scornfell for years. After James IV gave the crown and throne to Reynold, James died from an illness. As Reynold became King, he knew nothing of MDU, Gordon Fei or anything of the sort.


But sadly Angelo took this to his advantage and threatened the King that he would take the Princess and send her to MDU whether she had magic or not, so King reynold agreed and thus began the Magic Disposal Unit.




Alexis yawned slightly as she woke up on the cold autumn morning. Rubbing  her arms to rid the goosebumps, she got up, made her bed, and got dressed.


It was around five thirty in the morning when Alexis walked out of her room to start the fire in the kitchen. She started kneading some dough and began to cook it over the fire. Once her rolls were done, she started some tea for herself and her elder brother, Finn.

Walking down the hall again Alexis rapped on the wooden door of her brothers room. Moments later came out, Finn with his light blonde hair sticking up all over the place.

Since he had just woken up, Alexis basically had to drag him into the kitchen to eat his breakfast. They sat there in silence while they adjusted to the early morning feeling.


“What time is it?” Finn asked, chugging down the last of his tea.


“Maybe around six-ten,” Alexis said, standing up to stretch. “We’d better get Zinnia and head to the mill, or else Mrs. Robbins will have our heads.” She said grabbing a few rolls. She packed them away in a small bag.


“Or skin us alive,” Finn jested, only causing Alexis to roll her eyes playfully.


“Yes that as well,” she said. “Now we’d better go and get Zinnia. She’ll freak if we don’t come on time.”


Finn nodded and followed Alexis out the door. They walked for awhile down the well traveled dirt path as the bitter morning wind bit against their skin. As they walked on a paper hit Alexis’ face covering her sense of direction. Having to stop, Alexis pulled the paper off her face, examining it.


The Magic Disposal Unit

MDU has been reincarnated by Angelo Wilhelm Quill. All people who

have been under Gordon’s “care” will now be in the hands of Angelo.


Disgusted, Alexis crumpled up the paper and threw it on the ground. The MDU has already caused enough trouble, she spat and urged Finn to continue walking. While going down the worn path for a little longer, they reached small cottage-like house set on a corner. Alexis knocked on the door and tapped her foot impatiently, until the door was opened by an elderly woman.


“Hello, Alexis. Hello, Finn.” she said warmly. “I’ll get Zinnia.”


She disappeared and soon came back with a fidgeting Zinnia. The two siblings thanked the woman, as Zinnia joined them and they set off as a trio.


“I was starting to get worried for a moment,” Zinnia said, breathing a sigh of relief. “But thank goodness you reached me in time, although you were a couple minutes late. I was beginning to think that you guys were lost, or hurt or something.”


Alexis and Finn glanced at eachother and smiled. That was just like Zinnia. Always worrying about something, whether it was a small problem or large.


They reached the mill near the edge of town. The mill itself was surrounded by trees, but the town, Erinville, was in the middle of a cotton field valley.


The trio went inside the mill and walked up to a desk in the front. Each of them picked up the quill in an ink well, and quickly signed their names on a big, thick log book with only a few minutes to spare. Hanging up their bags on a hook, they headed to the room in the center of the mill. There were gears, spindles, and weaving machines all over it. Here there were a few children talking amongst themselves. Finn headed to his friends Samuel Longroot and Terrace Fang, who were both his age. Alexis and Zinnia then headed to a group of girls who actually didn’t despise them. Some people just hated how good working Finn, Alexis and Zinnia were. They always payed attention in the mill school, they loved to learn and they were all together studious.


One of the girls that enjoyed their presence, was Suzanne Greentrail. A teenage brunette who was a genius and was quite charismatic. There was also Everest Urn, a shy young blonde with the talent of nimble fingers.


The four girls talked quietly amongst themselves, waiting for the clock to strike six-thirty. Soon it did and a short, plump woman in her mid-forties came into the room. The room became cold — silent and cold. She cleared her throat, eying everyone in the room. Anyone could tell that Mrs. Robbins hated children. She especially hated Alexis, Zinnia and Finn. No one knew why, but it was obvious she has a certain despising towards them. She called everyone to their work stations, signaling the beginning of a hard day’s work.

I also wrote this for NANOWRIMO!!