A Writing Contest :3

HEY! WAZGOINONGUYZ??? I have been absent (you might have notices) and I just wanted to let you all know that I am busy with Wattpad.com. lol

I have posted the first chapter/prologue of my book, “The Dostillan Hero” on it, to make fans, etc, etc.

I also have posted a competition… Not just any competition… A writing competition! I hope you all can join! It requires 3 chapters at least (unless you will add more chapters that will add up to three before June 31st.

We are also looking for judges in different categories.

The Genres

Action (Brooke2214, 2 available),

Fantasy/Adventure (jordanpaiges, Appel-Bougher, @absurdistpress (me)),

Fanfiction (BunHead_04, Appel-Bougher, 1 available),

Historical Fiction (Brooke2214, 2 available),

Horror/Vampire/Werewolf (3 available),

Humor (@absurdistpress, jordanpaiges , BunHead_04),

Mystery/Thriller (Brooke2214, @absurdistpress, 1 available),

Poetry/Random (@absurdistpress , Appel-Bougher),

Romance (@absurdistpress ,  BunHead_04 , Brooke2214),

Sci-Fi (jordanpaiges , @absurdistpress , Appel-Bougher),

Teen Fiction (BunHead_04, @absurdistpress, 1 available).

The categories that have room available are open for you to judge, so go to the link at the end of the video to follow me for updates, and to check out both the contest and TDH (my book).

Hope to see you around!