FEB. 2017 Book Haul Update!

I’ve chosen 4 books, and someone gave me a book! There is one more open spot! Please, everyone, give me some books to read! Here are the rules:


1. Has to be child-appropriate.

2. I do not like horror, so please, no horror books.

3. Romance is accepted but nothing more than just kissing.

4. Classics are accepted!

5. I will get to your books whenever I can. I may not get it that time but I will the next.

6. The Library may not have the book so I might have it the next month.

I have read every Percy Jackson book, all 7 Harry Potters, All the Heroes of Olympus, All 12 Ranger’s Apprentice, first three Brotherband, etc.

So thanks for reading!

Books so far for FEB:

  • Eragon, by Christopher Paolini
  • Riverkeep, by Martin Stewart
  • The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams
  • The Selection, by Kierra Cass
  • Dork Diaries, by Rachel Renee Russell
  • Unknown, by someone

See you around!


P. S. I will probably start reading the books before the end of the month because of the Library Expiration date. Eragon and Riverkeep i have had for a week or so now.

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HEY! I’m starting a book haul in Feb!

This February…  I will… DO MY FIRST EVER BOOK HAUL! Well kinda first ever. At the library, I got like 10 different books in January… But I will hold two off until Feb!

So, I will grab 6 books! I currently have 3 already chosen, but if you guys want me to read any books, contact me in the contact form below.


1. Has to be child-appropriate.

2. I do not like horror, so please, no horror books.

3. Romance is accepted but nothing more than just kissing.

4. Classics are accepted!

5. I will get to your books whenever I can. I may not get it that time but I will the next.

6. The Library may not have the book so I might have it the next month.

I have read every Percy Jackson book, all 7 Harry Potters, All the Heroes of Olympus, All 12 Ranger’s Apprentice, first three Brotherband, etc.

So thanks for reading!

Books so far for FEB:

  • Eragon, by Christopher Paolini
  • Riverkeep, by Martin Stewart
  • The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams

See you around!


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A Little Perspective on “The Road to 50,000 Words”

Yesterday I finished 25,000 words. I didn’t think I could because I was really far behind, but I wrote somethings down earlier in the morning after school, and I copied it to the script. Here is a little story-like perspective on “The Road to 50,000”. I think it will make an intriguing short story in the future, don’t you think?

“The Road to 50,000 Words”

          When you try to accomplish “The Road to 50,000 Words” it is like you are in a fairytale. You are a Knight (actually an author) who is trying to reach the capitol of the country for some reward… The reward of accomplishing 50,000 words. If you don’t reach the capitol within 30 days, you don’t win…
          So the next month for you, Author Knight (hereby called that name), will face challenges of Writer’s Road Block, Sleeping In, and just not-continuing-down-the-road.
          Let’s talk about Writer’s Road Block. Let’s pretend there is a wall… A giant wall that runs a total of 3 miles all around. There are a few options you could take. You could take a detour, which may set you behind (if you rewrite a few chapters). Another option is to break through the wall, using your imagination as a pickaxe (or a battering ram. Your choice), breaking through the wall, finding treasures that will make your day (and your story). Or you could just sit there on your bum and wait until they let you pass (happened so many times -_-). Once again, it is your choice.
          Just think of Writer’s Road Block as your mind. Behind those walls are some of your greatest creations, just waiting to be explored…
          Anyways, you might come across a monster or two. Either it is the Homework Hobgoblin or the Working Warlock Boss, or some other monster that is random and may waste a good day’s time. And from all the exhaustion from fighting the monsters, you may feel the urge to sleep-in, or just not write— uh, I mean TRAVEL— for that day (or a course of days).
          So if you fall behind, dear Author Knight, you fight hard to surpass your word count— Ahem, I mean your traveling— and you finally reach a good stopping point and rest.
          So the next day you, my dear friend, will feel super excited and/or super exhausted (this depends on the person). You may feel inspired to rush as far as you can, or just take it slow and easy.
          You finally are halfway there— and you find a crossroad…
          “Thanks a lot, Brain!” you yell, particularly angry at yourself as well because you haven’t looked ahead on the map (if you have one). Sighing you choose…
          Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this perspective on NaNoWriMo! Might post Part Two eventually. I don’t know 😛
~Aggie F. Kopp

Through The Ages: TDH: THE FINAL PART

I am deciding that I won’t post too much of TDH draft 9, because it could give away too much plot for D.10 (which I think will be the final draft).

I’m giving you the prologue and throughout the year a few of my favorite scenes. 🙂


Prologue: The History Lesson

Angelo watched as men and women of all ages were dragged into his castle walls, wishing the Dostillan Hero was one of them.

As the last prisoner was brought inside the fortress, Angelo scowled at his unluckiness. He growled in anger, knocking his table over frightening the other head counselors. They tried to assure him that  his wishes may prevail as long as he tried, but he waved them off in disgust. He was getting sick of searching for The Dostillan Hero for the past fifty years, so he decided to play it dirty.

Angelo was a Government official. He wove his way into it by manipulating others and finally became the right hand man of the Secretary. Together they planned to destroy the King and take over the throne. But that is another story.

Now as I was saying — by getting close to the King’s court, Angelo had the power of blackmailing King Reynold into helping him revive the Magic Disposal Unit. King Reynold’s father, King James IV, had decided to destroy all sorcerers in order to bring equality to his kingdom, but failed to realize he was soon to destroy the future of his country. He had hired his lieutenant Gordon Fei to gather them up and hide the prisoners. So soon thousands of Sorcerers were held captive in the castle of Scornfell for years. After James IV gave the crown and throne to Reynold, James died from an illness. As Reynold became King, he knew nothing of MDU, Gordon Fei or anything of the sort.


But sadly Angelo took this to his advantage and threatened the King that he would take the Princess and send her to MDU whether she had magic or not, so King reynold agreed and thus began the Magic Disposal Unit.




Alexis yawned slightly as she woke up on the cold autumn morning. Rubbing  her arms to rid the goosebumps, she got up, made her bed, and got dressed.


It was around five thirty in the morning when Alexis walked out of her room to start the fire in the kitchen. She started kneading some dough and began to cook it over the fire. Once her rolls were done, she started some tea for herself and her elder brother, Finn.

Walking down the hall again Alexis rapped on the wooden door of her brothers room. Moments later came out, Finn with his light blonde hair sticking up all over the place.

Since he had just woken up, Alexis basically had to drag him into the kitchen to eat his breakfast. They sat there in silence while they adjusted to the early morning feeling.


“What time is it?” Finn asked, chugging down the last of his tea.


“Maybe around six-ten,” Alexis said, standing up to stretch. “We’d better get Zinnia and head to the mill, or else Mrs. Robbins will have our heads.” She said grabbing a few rolls. She packed them away in a small bag.


“Or skin us alive,” Finn jested, only causing Alexis to roll her eyes playfully.


“Yes that as well,” she said. “Now we’d better go and get Zinnia. She’ll freak if we don’t come on time.”


Finn nodded and followed Alexis out the door. They walked for awhile down the well traveled dirt path as the bitter morning wind bit against their skin. As they walked on a paper hit Alexis’ face covering her sense of direction. Having to stop, Alexis pulled the paper off her face, examining it.


The Magic Disposal Unit

MDU has been reincarnated by Angelo Wilhelm Quill. All people who

have been under Gordon’s “care” will now be in the hands of Angelo.


Disgusted, Alexis crumpled up the paper and threw it on the ground. The MDU has already caused enough trouble, she spat and urged Finn to continue walking. While going down the worn path for a little longer, they reached small cottage-like house set on a corner. Alexis knocked on the door and tapped her foot impatiently, until the door was opened by an elderly woman.


“Hello, Alexis. Hello, Finn.” she said warmly. “I’ll get Zinnia.”


She disappeared and soon came back with a fidgeting Zinnia. The two siblings thanked the woman, as Zinnia joined them and they set off as a trio.


“I was starting to get worried for a moment,” Zinnia said, breathing a sigh of relief. “But thank goodness you reached me in time, although you were a couple minutes late. I was beginning to think that you guys were lost, or hurt or something.”


Alexis and Finn glanced at eachother and smiled. That was just like Zinnia. Always worrying about something, whether it was a small problem or large.


They reached the mill near the edge of town. The mill itself was surrounded by trees, but the town, Erinville, was in the middle of a cotton field valley.


The trio went inside the mill and walked up to a desk in the front. Each of them picked up the quill in an ink well, and quickly signed their names on a big, thick log book with only a few minutes to spare. Hanging up their bags on a hook, they headed to the room in the center of the mill. There were gears, spindles, and weaving machines all over it. Here there were a few children talking amongst themselves. Finn headed to his friends Samuel Longroot and Terrace Fang, who were both his age. Alexis and Zinnia then headed to a group of girls who actually didn’t despise them. Some people just hated how good working Finn, Alexis and Zinnia were. They always payed attention in the mill school, they loved to learn and they were all together studious.


One of the girls that enjoyed their presence, was Suzanne Greentrail. A teenage brunette who was a genius and was quite charismatic. There was also Everest Urn, a shy young blonde with the talent of nimble fingers.


The four girls talked quietly amongst themselves, waiting for the clock to strike six-thirty. Soon it did and a short, plump woman in her mid-forties came into the room. The room became cold — silent and cold. She cleared her throat, eying everyone in the room. Anyone could tell that Mrs. Robbins hated children. She especially hated Alexis, Zinnia and Finn. No one knew why, but it was obvious she has a certain despising towards them. She called everyone to their work stations, signaling the beginning of a hard day’s work.

I also wrote this for NANOWRIMO!!

Through The Ages: TDH: D.7 & D.8

Since both drafts are short I’ll post them both. lol

Draft 7 was started on Feb 11, then Feb 28 and then May 31. (DID YOU KNOW: that Jaimika was named Jace in February, 2015 but was renamed Jaimika in May? No? I bet you didn’t know. lol)


Deep within the Darkley Woods, stood two silhouetted figures.

“Dayna, are you sure this is the right direction?” The tallest one asked in a laid-back feminine voice.

“Yes, I’m sure Jaimika.” Dayna said in a ‘duh’ voice.
“Well, last time I checked, East isn’t towards the sunset.”  Jaimika said, indicating towards the the sunset with her arms.

I ditched Dayna and Jaimika for draft 10. But they will show up for another book. JAIMIKA IS SO AWESOME! I was writing a book with a timeline before TDH (inspired by the Hobbit… WHY KILI????) and I’ve writing like 7 chapters and am slowly pursuing through. HEUEHUEHE


Here is draft 8… (P. S. Whenever you see these ({}) it means that write more on it later). This was written July 6-7, 2015 and then September 9-10, 2015.

Chapter One

Alexis!” called a voice from behind. Alexis whipped her head around quickly and stared into the Mill Owner’s {Wife’s} furious blue eyes. {dropping what she was holding}

“Yes, Mrs. Robbins?” Alexis asked quietly, filing throughout her past events for a mishap. {wondering if she had failed in her past tasks}

Mrs. Stella Robbins, a cruel woman, owned the Erinville Mill along with her husband Clark. She was in charge of the ladies working the mill, while Mr. Robbins worked the boys in the fields. Alexis only met Clark Robbins once, and he was a mellow man with a soft look in his brown eyes. The couple both had graying sleek black hair, and a round face, but their complexions were very different.

They had a son named Charlie Robbins, but he died in the Cold War over Moonlark City. He sacrificed much during the last battle and basically made Panimor win along with the others who had died trying to save their country.

Alexis looked up at Miss Stella and into her eyes. {alexis could usually see one’s feelings through their eyes} She saw pain, mostly.

“Come here girl,” Miss Stella called,  with an obvious sneering tone in her voice.

Alexis walked up to her Mistress and, with a shaken hand, took hold of the railing up the stairs.

Alexis stood in front of Mrs. Robbins their eyes met and had a contest of some sort. All was quiet except for the grinding in the mill and the whooshing of the Mill fans above their heads.

“Who told you to go outside after Lunch Break?” She said cockily.

“Well, we basically finished lunch and the water bucket inside was empty and everyone voted for me to get it filled back up.” Alexis said, carefully analyzing her words.

Mrs. Robbins looked her up and and and nodded. “And where may I ask is the water bucket?” She said.

“It is still in the well, I dropped it when you called.”

That is when Mrs. Robbins laughed. It wasn’t a good hardy laugh. It was a mocking laugh that bit deep into Alexis’ skin.

“And you expect me to believe that excuse?” Alexis’ hopes just ran down the drain, and she knew any further arguing would just bring more punishment.  Over the past three years, Alexis had learned that even if you told the truth, you could never get away from any punishment with Mrs. Robbins.

All Alexis could do was look at her feet and let the punishment begin.

“Well,  Miss Draught-Storm. After you finish actually getting the water fetched, you can go up to my room and get all the laundry folded, papers in a neat pile and all it takes to clean my room. And try to get done before three o’clock, so you can start your millwork.”

Sadly, Alexis nodded and ran inside the mill, and to the Robbins’ room.


Alexis had finished cleaning under the bed, the dresser and the laundry. She now was heading on to the desk, with an hour to spare.

She put all the papers in a pile and organized them. The quills shewere color-coded and placed in a ceramic cup. She sat on the chair in front of the desk and relaxed. She glanced outside at the Church and saw that it was three thirty in the afternoon. Thirty ‘till four.

Alexis was aching badly but she was going to give the room an extra round-up of dust and garbage. She started to get up but her aching arms and legs struggled against her and she tripped and fell on the floor, dumping everything on the desk onto the ground.

“No.” She whimpered. Thirty minutes of work wasted. She got the quills, and the ink back on the desk. Thank God the ink didn’t spill, she thought thankfully.

She picked up some reports and read hers. The Mill Censor said that she was a phenomenal worker. Beat that, Mrs. Robbins!

She then put the mail in a ceramic pot beside the desk. She spotted a scroll with red ink. To: Mr. and Mrs. Clark Robbins. From: The Magic Disposal Unit.

Her eyes wide, Alexis reopened the scroll and started to read.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Clark Robbins,

We have come to notice that there must be some magic

still in the general area of Erinville. So we must ask you

to choose suspects of Magic and send us a report on the

fifteenth of June, and report their age, name and

appearance. Thank you for reading this letter,

Angelo ReMorro, Founder of MDU


No! Alexis thought. She and her brother, Arthur’s lives would be changed forever.

Alexis took a deep breath in order to calm herself. Okay… Did the Robbins reply?

After looking around for a moment she found a letter.

To: The Magic Disposal Unit. From: Mr. and Mrs. Clark Robbins.

Gulping, Alexis shakingly opened the mail.

Dear MDU,

We might have found a couple of culprits:

Jameson Grace, this fourteen year-old has both brown hair and eyes and

deeply tanned skin. Short.

Arthur Draught-Storm, he is sixteen and has light blonde

hair and blue eyes. Tall.

Olivias Moore, she is thirteen and has short brown hair

and green eyes. Pigeon toed. Short.

Alexis Draught-Storm, she is fourteen and has long blonde

hair and blue eyes. Most dangerous of all. Short and skinny.

Charlie “Clark”  Robbins & Stella Maybelle Robbins

Mrs. Robbins is a big jerk in this and the following Drafts, but in Draft 10, I am trying to make her a character with more depth. I know some people may act like Mrs. Robbins, but there always is a good side to the darkest people.


Thanks for reading.

Through The Ages: TDH: D.6: Part 1/1

This one is my favorite draft that I wrote in the past. It was started on May 31st, 2015 and I kept working at it until June 3rd. Sad, I know… It would make a cool story, but it isn’t where I want the Dostillan Hero to head.

Staring at a lake seems rather boring, if I must say so myself.

I mean no one would like to do that instead of playing ball with friends, read an exciting story or enjoy an afternoon with your family.  There must be something to do around town, right?

I am Tiffanny Niwea. I was a reporter of the Erinville Times. And I had led on a pretty normal life, living with my best friend, Anastasia Morrison. My job was great and I got paid with enough money to support both me and my friend. Even Ana had a job, so we had some Silver to spare.
I got paid more than the average reporter, because I always found different, vivid stories to report in.

Well my normal life changed on August 17th, 1850, when I saw a young woman sitting on the dock with her daughter, sending paper flowers into the lake.

Curious, as usual, I started over for them. But I stopped myself. I mean- would you like it if a random stranger walked into your business and started asking questions and writing your every word down for all the public to hear? I mean, I wouldn’t like it. But it intrigued me so. Every morsel of my body was urging me to go near them. I just had to! And then  I found myself subconsciously walking towards them. What was I going to say? I hadn’t even thought of it!

Would I say just say, Oh hello! How are you today? I was just wondering why you were throwing paper flowers into the lake. Could I write a story about it for the paper I’m working for? My deadline is near and I must have a story before the 31st of August. My job is at stake, and could you risk your privacy and tell me what is it your doing?

Would someone like me really say that?

Yes. Yes I would.

I now stood a few feet behind them, and I awkwardly shuffled my feet.

“Um, what a nice lake.” I said as the wind blew my short, auburn hair in my face.

The woman turned around (without standing up) and looked up at me.

She had wavy, caramel colored hair, and deep, feeling grey eyes. Her daughter had straw blonde hair, and brown eyes.

“Yes, it brings back memories.” The woman said. Smiling softly, she gazed off in the distance, most probably filing through memories.

“Really? I just remember it being there for God knows how long.” I said, stating the truth of what I thought.

“That’s what I thought at first. Well that was before everything changed.” She smiled sadly. “I remember being the happiest girl for miles.”

“Just being my curious self, what were you doing before. With the paper flowers and all.”

“I guess it’s a ceremonial thing.” The woman shrugged. “It is the anniversary of when I found out my brother didn’t drown in the lake.”

“Wait…” I said thinking. “I read about that in the paper years ago. Are you the sister of Petro Dainstrom or what’s his name?”

“Peter Draught-Storm. And yes. We are related.” She said.

“Are? Still? Alive?” I asked.

She nodded. “Yes. He was taken care of by a pack of wild wolves.”

“Wow, this is a story to hear.” I said, grinning. “If ya don’t mind telling it to me.”

“Well I wouldn’t mind. Only if you have the time.” the woman said.

“I have over a week before my deadline.” I grinned.

“Deadline?” A frown formed on her face, and she furrowed her eyebrows.

“Oh, yea. About that-” I said sheepishly. “I’m a newspaper reporter.”

“Well that explains the curiosity.” The woman muttered. “Well, anyways. It all started 14 years ago, at the Shallow Lake.”


March 17th, 1836

Erinville. The most beautiful town in the world. That’s what it’s citizens have to say for it.

Recently, an old man discovered a way to make steam-powered mechanics that’s crazy.

It was Harvest time. And the town was bustling, getting ready for the Maple Festival.

The Maple Festival was the time of year when all the maple trees were ready for the syrup harvest. Men and women and children, of all ages worked together to make the syrup and sell it to surrounded countries.

Well today was going out normally when 12 year-old Arthur Draught-Storm decides to take his siblings to the festival. Arthur had sandy blonde hair and blue sparkling eyes. He had defined cheek-bones and always had his hair in a military cut. His 10 year-old sister, Alexis (the woman who is telling the tale), had caramel-blonde hair and deep grey eyes. She had a round face and held a basket for carrying things.

And the youngest of all the Draught-Storm’s was Peter, and he was 8 . He had raven-black hair and blue-grey eyes that thought critically but always had room for a laugh or two. Or three. He had thin facial-features and plenty of dark and obvious freckles.

Arthur held onto his little brothers right hand and Alexis took Peter’s left.

Their parents were helping with the festival and since they have been working hard all week harvesting, their parents allowed them a day’s rest.

“Oh! Oh!” Peter pointed enthusiastically. “Candy!” And alas! Where little Peter had pointed was a stand selling Maple candy. Their parents had given them each 3 silver to spend, so- why not?

They then made a beeline for the candy stand.

“3 maple candies, ma’am.” Arthur said to the peddler. The peddler was a plump woman with greying hair.

“Of course, sweeties!” She said kindly. “3 copper, then.”

The 3 children graciously accepted the treats (paying the copper coins), and walked off licking their candy.

At the festival, there were peddlers of all kinds. Story Peddlers, Tin Peddlers, Copper Peddlers and even a Pastry Peddler!

Once they reached the edge of the festival, there were a couple pony rides and maple syrup taste tests, but one ride intrigued them. A steam-powered boat.

It’s sleek and polished wooden sides, gleamed with pride. And the bow of the boat was carved a magnificent wolf. And on the side of the boat was the name, The Wolf’s Pride.

Peter’s eyes shone with true love for the ship. “Can we Arthur? Can we Alex?” He begged.

“Sure.” Arthur said. They bought three tickets (which cost 6 silver all together) and boarded the ship.

The ship was magnificent!

It’s turquoise painted borders were shining brightly in the hot sun.  The ship was full of middle class peasants. Arthur, Alexis and Peter felt weird being the only lower class citizens on board. But a familiar voice made them happier.

“ALEXIS!” a feminine voice called. It was Zinnia Zephyr, Alexis’ 9 year-old friend.

Zinnia had long brown hair flowing behind her back, and had a strand braided against her forehead. She wore a purple linen dress with little yellow and orange zinnias on it. A little lacy apron was tied to her waist and in the apron’s pocket was Zinnia’s doll named Bentleigh.

“Hello Zinnia!” Alexis smiled warmly. “I love your dress!” Alexis said, complementing young girl.

Zinnia laughed. “It may look nice, but it is so itchy.” Exclaimed the girl. “Mother got it for my birthday. I want to be a lower class like you guys. You get the comfy, worn cotton clothing, and you get to work with animals.”

“Well, it’s hard work, Zinni.” Arthur said smiling.

“I’ll try! I really will!” Zinnia begged. “I’ll go ask my mommy for a weekend sleepover and we can work together with farming! It’ll be great!”

As the friends talked, Alexis saw Jeremiah Porter of Porter, Inc. Wasn’t he against Raven, Corp? The maker of this ship? Alexis thought, as the tall, lanky man looked around suspiciously.

The man had slicked back deep brown hair and a mustache that curled on the ends. He wore a velvet, burgundy red suit with a black tie.

The man straightened his tie and slipped into the engine room.

“Arthur.” Alexis tugged on his sleeve. Arthur turned to his sister, obviously annoyed.

“What?” He asked, angrily. He had just started talking to his friend Zackaria Zephyr , older brother to Zinnia.

“Oliver Raven’s Enemy, Jeremiah Porter just entered the engine room. He could be dangerous. You know how he is when he has competitors.” Alexis said in a low voice.

Arthur nodded and whispered, probably the same message to Zackaria. Zackaria nodded and grabbed Zinnia’s hand (who was in mid-sentence), and dragged her away from Peter.

The Porter’s Head-Man just walked out of the engine room.

“Come on!” Arthur said, and dragged them to the edge of the boat, by Mr. and Mrs. Zephyr with Zackaria.

“Where is Zinnia?” Mrs. Zephyr asked worriedly.

They heard a whirring sound coming from the engine room and Mr. Porter jumped off the ship onto a small boat and paddled away.

“We need to jump!” Arthur said.

“WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?” Now Mr. Zephyr exclaimed loudly.

Right after those words were said, the ship exploded.

All they could hear was ringing in their ears and the splashing sound of debris hitting the water.

All wet and soaked the small group held on to debris as they mourned for their loss.

Peter looked sadly around. She cannot be dead. SHE CAN NOT! He screamed in his head, as burning tears covered his vision. He rubbed his eyes and looked around once more. He saw a helpless figure of a girl in a purple, yellow and orange dress.

He almost jumped into the water. But I can’t swim! He thought. But he saw her body slowly slipping into the Shallow Lake. It is only the Shallow Lake. 20 feet at most. He thought and then dived in.

He heard Alexis screaming his name and Arthur yelling “NO!”. But that didn’t stop him. So far the depth was 10 feet, but soon it had reached 15 feet. He had been slowly walking on the bottom of the lake and his ears rung from the pressure. So he jumped and hit the ground. When he touched the ground he propelled himself up. He had learned how to float, when Alexis and Arthur taught him, and he had only begun swimming lessons. So he grabbed a plank of lumber and pulled himself onto it, gasping for dear breath.

He then used the lumber as a balance and he kicked his legs to propel himself.  He took one look back, and saw his family around 30 feet from him. They were crying and mourning, probably over him and Zinnia. Zackaria looked beyond the lake and spotted Peter. He yelled something that sounds distinctly like “Peter’s alive!” and pointed at him. They all looked up and called to him. He ignored them and continued on his trek to save Zinnia.

Speaking of Zinnia, her board she was laying on was sinking rapidly. She would surely sink. Soon.

So Peter kicked faster and finally reached her. He checked her pulse. It was somewhat strong. And she was breathing. Peter breathed a breath of relief.

He held onto her board for strength, and looked around for a rope. There was nothing. But her apron was enough. He tied her securely to his board which was stronger than her own, and pushed her along. He was getting tired and dizzy. So he pushed her even faster, kicking as hard as possible. He swallowed so much water, it felt like he drank the whole lake. He finally reached his family and friends. They pulled Zinnia on their big board and hugged her limp body.

Peter felt triumphant. He saved someone’s life. But as a price of that he grew very dizzy and tired. He could bring himself to move his cramped legs. As he slipped into the cool water once again, with the unclear screaming above, everything turned black.

I don’t know why, but I’m in love with this draft… But this was when I hadn’t come up with Aaron (with tons of help from my older sister)… HEHUEHEUHE

This draft is the only steam punk draft of all TDH, but I’m working on a steam punk story HEHUEHEUE

Super Awesome Minea Blog!

WAZGOINONGUYZ!???!??! I am happy to say that I have made a MINEA BLOG! Yay!

In the most recent post I gave a detailed Idea of what MINEA really is: UP-CLOSE EXCLUSIVE: Minea | The Episode Series

I hope you enjoy reading it! Also, @mimi14senpai! I mentioned you, your YT and your blog in it! YAYAY!


Hope you enjoy!

Through The Ages: TDH: D.5: Part 2/2

Here is the final part to The Dostillan Hero D.5!


2 – With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

What do you mean?” Arthur asked. Arthur was overprotective, when it meant Alexis’ safety   .

“The Ravager’s will not stop looking for me. And anyone who gets in their way are, well, dead meat.” Princess Maira said.

“Okay then! We won’t get in there way! The only way to do that is to turn you over, so surrender!” Arthur said, getting into a “battle” pose.

Is he serious? Maira asked me.

Yup… Alexis mentally sighed.

“Bring it Princess Maria Laddie Creme!” Arthur said, hopping onto one foot, then the other.

Maira looked at Alexis. May I?

Be my guest. Alexis smirked.

“You can’t arrest a princess.” Maira said.

“Okay, will we have to do it the easy way or the hard way?” Arthur asked.

“I am not going to surrender to a commoner.” Maira said, giving Alexis a wink.

“I guess I am doing this the hard way.” Arthur said.

He charged, but Maira dodged easily.

Arthur charged again, backing Maira up against a tree.  He raised a fist ready to punch Maira’s face.

He wouldn’t dare!  Alexis thought.

Arthur brought his fist down.

Alexis’ eyes widened in horror.

But Maira shot her hand up. Without touching him, Arthur flew back.

Arthur’s eyes widened. “What- How… I don’t understand!”

“Dude! She’s a freaking Air ELEMENTAL!”Alexis said.

Arthur’s jaw dropped.

Maira just smirked.

“You have Magic!” Arthur whispered.

“No. I am magic. I am made of it.” The princess said.

“This is really surprising.” Arthur said, head in hands.

  It’s surprising? I didn’t think it would be surprising, since you have magic.”

Arthur looked at her wide-eyed and passed out.

Alexis started laughing hysterically.

“Nice one, Maira.” Alexis said.

“Just call me Mai. And what do you mean, ‘Nice one’?” Mai asked, confused.

“Because it was a funny joke.” Alexis said.

“I was not joking. You have magic, too.”

Alexis just stared at the Magical Princess

“Really? Can you teach me?” Alexis asked. And for the first time in months, her eyes sparkled with joy.

“Definitely!” Mai smiled.

They sat down.

Mai looked around. she spotted what she was looking for.

“Stay here.” Mai said, and walked off.

Alexis twiddled her thumbs, tapped her foot or twirled her caramel-blonde hair.

When Mai came back she wore a satchel.

She sat in front of a tree stump, and opened her satchel.

She placed the contents of the bag, onto the tree stump.

There was a flask of water, a rock, a candle, a clover, a quill, an egg, a gem, a moonstone and an empty bottle.

“Now, focus on each of these objects.” Mai said.

Alexis nodded, and stared at the flask of water.

Nothing happened. She sighed.

“Keep going!” Mai said.

Alexis looked at the empty bottle. “What’s the empty bottle for?”

“You’re supposed to try to move it with your mind.” Mai answered.

Alexis tried with all her might.

“UGH! I’ll never be able to use magic!”

“You only tried two elements! Try more!”

Alexis tried the candle (which Mai lit). Fail.

She tried the rock.  Nada…

She tried the clover. She only blew it away with her breath.

She tried the gem. Alexis felt an aura around it. But it didn’t move.

“Okay Alexis. Let’s move on.” Mai said.

But Alexis ignored her. She stared at it, until it wiggled.

Mai stared at the gem with awe. She then smiled.

The green gem rolled and then it hovered a centimeter off the stump.

A minute later, it hovered a few inches. Then a cubit.

Then it flew up high.

Come back! Alexis thought.

From far away, Alexis saw the little gem falling towards her.

She opened her hand and let it fall.

Then the ground rumbled. A few more gems flew into her hand.

They were each purple, blue or pale green.

Then the ground cracked and more gems spilled out and surrounded Alexis’ feet.

She made the gems in her hand hover.

“Alexis,” Arthur said, getting up and rubbing his head. “I had the craziest dream about magic and Prin-” He stared at the gems floating in my hand. He passed out… again.

The ground cracked more. Alexis was now getting frightened.

Mai stared in awe. She had never seen such raw power from first timer.

Maybe she’s the Dostillan Hero. She thought.

Out of the ground shot millions of gems and crystals.

Alexis was freaking out.

“Alexis! With all this power you must be able to control it. Be responsible!” Mai yelled over the booming of crystals bursting from the ground.

Alexis tried focusing, but couldn’t.

“I can’t focus! It’s too overpowering.” Alexis yelled.

She looked at Arthur. He was nearly covered with Gems.

Her nervous face turned into a determined one.

Nobody or thing is gonna hurt my brother. Alexis thought.

Alexis put her hands in the air and lowered them slowly.

She focused hard on them. They slowly went back into the Earth.

When they did, Alexis collapsed on the ground.

Mai rushed over.

“Are you alright, Alexis?” Mai asked.

Alexis nodded.

“What you did was brave.” Mai said, with a small smile on her face.

Alexis stayed silent.

“What’s wrong?” Mai asked.

“I almost killed Arthur. The only family I have left.” Alexis cried.

“Oh, Sweetie. It’s okay.” Mai hugged Alexis.

Alexis cried on her shoulder.

Why was Alexis crying? Wasn’t she like sixteen?

Yes, but everyone must cry. Over family, food, friends, politics, etc.

“Alexis what’s wrong?” Arthur said, getting up.

It’s too quick-paced– I mean, I LOVE quick-paced– but this is too much! There is no time for character development and world development.


This was started September, 2014. That was 3 years ago… OH, THAT’S WHY IT TOTALLY SUCKS IN GENERAL!!! 😛

Through The Ages: TDH: D.5: 1/2

Here is draft 5. It isn’t the best, but none of the drafts are until the 10th which I have barely scratched the surface of. Well, the 9th is okay… But not my favorite. It’s a full book, but it doesn’t fit to what I want the story to be.



All her mind kept thinking was, why couldn’t  I save him? She turned her head with sorrow.

She looked at the sky. It was grey like the lake, a storm was coming, no doubt.

Grayish waves splashed against the dock, as if wanting to pull Alexis down. Alexis’ eyes grew with horror.

I will not go down like Peter! NEVER! She thought.

She backed away from the edge, but bumped into something. Actually someone.

She turned. A smile swept across her face.

“Arthur!” She smiled, cheekily.

Arthur grinned mischievously. “Hello Alex!”

“Looks like you came back from college! A little early, too.” Alexis said.

Arthur looked puzzled. “I told you I was coming on February the third.”

“I meant by a few hours, silly.” Alexis ruffled his hair (she had to stand on her tippy toes).

“You little trickster, you!” He said, his Paminor accent heavy[1].

She smiled, but it quickly faded.

“What’s wrong, Alexis?” Arthur asked.

“It’s just that- that…” She stifled a sob. “That Peter died here.”

Arthur face turned grim, but soon afterwards he smiled.

“How do you know he’s dead?” he asked.

“What do you mean ‘how’? You saw him fall into the lake yourself!”

“He could have swam! He is the winner of the Almerland Swimming Championships.”

Alexis rolled her eyes. “I doubt that.”

“Now!” Arthur said. “How about some of your famous pot stew?”


“Oh, for Xavier’s[2] sake!” Alexis whined.

“What wrong, Whiner McWhiney-butt?” Arthur asked, with an impish grin.

“Oh, nothing.” Alexis said in a sing-song voice. “I just need some Frelliander[3], could you be a gentleman and get me some?”

“Sure, your highness! I’ll kiss your feet afterwards.”

Alexis rolled her eyes at his childish behavior. Alexis had always been the mature one. Besides Peter. Peter was the second maturest.

Arthur was still lounging about when Alexis’ brain fell back to Earth.

“Why haven’t you gone out yet?” Alexis said, scowling. “I guess we’ll have to eat soup at Midnight!”

Arthur rolled his eyes. “Not gonna work, Al.” he said, while picking his nails.

Alexis growled. She looked him in the eyes and gave him an ice-cold stare.

Arthur clutched his heart. “Your stare is going to freeze my heart! I don’t want to be cold-hearted like my sister!” he joked.

“Out!’ Alexis pointed to the door with her spoon.

Arthur sighed in defeat.

“Oh! Also get some Androweed [4] and Codder![5]” Alexis yelled after him.

Alexis heard Arthur groan.

Alexis giggled, and stirred her stew.


Arthur came back, with an armful of groceries.

“Oh, Arthur! You didn’t have to get this stuff.” Alexis said.

“But I did.” Arthur smirked.

“Flour! You got flour! And sugar! You darling!” Alexis said, and hugged Arthur.

“Thank you, Arthur.” Alexis whispered. “Thank you…”

“Can I have some stew? I’m hungry!” Arthur said.

“You have to be a patient young man, if you want some stew.” Alexis said.

“Aye-Aye, sir!” He said. alexis glared at him. “I mean, Ma’am…”

“Now Soldier, set the table.” Alexis grinned.

“Hup, two, three, four!” Arthur marched off.

Alexis added the savory spice into her pot of stew.

Frelliander fixes everything, she thought.


After two servings of stew, they cleared their table off.

Alexis looked out the window and saw the silvery moon.

I wonder if Arthur is right. She thought. I must never give up hope.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Arthur said.

Alexis jumped. She was startled. How on Earth did Arthur come up so quietly? Arthur was usually the one to stomp around carelessly.

“Yes it is quite pretty.” Alexis nodded.

“Want to go out?” Arthur asked.

She nodded.

After they grabbed a couple woolen blankets, they headed outside.

A cold breeze swept Alexis’ hair out of her face.

Help!  Alexis heard.

She looked around.

“Wha-What was that?” Alexis stuttered.

“What was what?” Arthur asked, looking confused.

“I guess I am just hearing things.” Alexis guessed.


There it was again.

Shivers rushed up Alexis’s spine, as she looked around frantically.

“Are you alright, Alex?” Arthur asked.

“Ye- yes. I am fi- fine…” Alexis trailed off.  She now heard whimpering.

“Don’t you hear that?” Alexis asked.

“Hear what Alexis? You’re not telling me what to listen for. I am hearing lots of things.” Arthur asked, his voice full of concern.

“Is whimpering one of them?” She hissed.

“Whimpering?” Arthur asked. Arthur was just plain confused. His sister was acting weird. Was she alright?

Somebody. Please help me!

“Now I hear someone asking for help. Begging actually.” Alexis said biting her nails.

Alexis only bit her nails when she was nervous. And she was rarely nervous.

Please.  The voice stopped to sob. They are after me!

Who? Alexis thought in her mind, focusing on the voice.

The Ravagers!

Where are you? Alexis asked.

In the forest, near the creek.

That’s near us! Alexis thought.

Alexis started to run into the forest.

“ALEX! What are you doing?” Arthur asked.

“No time to explain! Follow me! And bring the blankets!” At that Alexis ran through the forest.

Arthur followed closely behind her.

Alexis reached the creek.

“Where are you?” Alexis asked.

To Arthur it seemed like Alexis was going crazy. Well he thought that until he heard a voice.

“Over here.” the voice croaked out.

Alexis followed the voice, with Arthur behind her.

She came near a log.

“Hello?” Alexis asked.

Something grabbed her leg.

Alexis screamed. It was a hand, reaching out of the log.

Alexis helped the figure out of the log.

The figure was a girl. She was short, with pale skin, which seemed to glow.

The girl had Grey eyes and thin facial features.

Her Purplish black hair, dirty and covered with mud.

The strange girl wore a ragged brown dress.

“Hi, I’m Alexis Draughtstorm! What’s your name?” Alexis asked.

“I am Princess Maira Ladonava Ecrelle of the Air Elementals. And you Alexis are in danger.”

[1] – Paminor is this world’s version of Scotland.
[2] – Xavier was a great king. He conquered most of the Dredderlands, and named it Almerland.
[3] – Frelliander is this world’s version of Basil.
[4] – Androweed is this world’s version of Rosemary.
[5] – Codder is a bitter leaf, full of vitamin D. Used for medicine.

YAY! It’s part one of two.


Hope you enjoyed!

I am not dead. | Life Update

WAZGOINGONGUYZ? I am super sorry of my absence. I only have been using scheduled posts since like– The end of February, and I haven’t made a genuine post in awhile.

So where have I been?

  • I’ve been working on Minea
  • I’ve been writing
  • I’ve been enjoying my new computer (a birthday gift)
  • I’ve totally forgotten about you guys.
  • I’ve not come up with anything good to post about.

Well, I have a cool idea for a book, so I’m writing it.

Once again, I am so sorry! Hope to write you all soon!



Through The Ages: TDH: D.4: Part 1/1

This one is short because I have the full version on paper…. But it isn’t the best.



Alexis ran like the wind towards the forest of Scornfell. She didn’t dare look behind her, afraid to see those three  evil knights chasing after her.


What if they catch me?  she thought. What if I will be sold as a slave, and sent to the Dredderlands!

Alexis shook off the evil thoughts and continued running.


The drumming of hooves drew nearer. Alexis picked up her pace and tried to control her ragged breathing.


Suddenly, a hand grabbed Alexis by the hair and pulled her around to face her captor.

“Thought you could outrun horses? Idiot girl.” He smirked, his left eye twitching from the terrible scar that ran through it.

The red-headed knight rode forward and laughed in Alexis’ face. “Vector, look at her pathetic face!” He gave a sadistic smile.

The tall blonde knight swung off his horse and stalked over. He gripped her cheekbones and examined her face. “Should make a couple gold pieces. Maybe even a platinum.” He said nonchalantly.

“Drop her Fredrick.” The scarred man let go of Alexis’ hair and let her lay helpless on the dirt.

As they searched through her bag, Alexis struggled to get up.

“What worthy knights.” Alexis laughed. “More like Parasites. Killing and destroying innocent lives.”

“What are you gonna do about it, princess?” Vector snarled.

Alexis screamed, causing crystals to encase the knights and she ran into the woods.




THE SUN SHONE through the dozens of Maple that were lined up throughout Erinville.

Even though Erinville was in a remote location, it was high on the list of sight-sees.


The bittersweet wind blew Alexis Draughstorm’s caramel-blonde hair across her face, causing her to wrap her shawl more tightly around her.

Alexis was the only daughter, and second child of Patrick Morse and Amaya Jane Draughtstorm.

At sixteen years, she was more mature than any other girl her age in all of Erinville.

Well, back to the story.

Alexis sat on her knees and dug through the moist Panimor soil, pulling potatoes out and setting them in the basket she bore.


After successfully digging out a dozen potatoes, Alexis heard a voice behind her.

“Cold Isn’t it?”

Alexis turned quickly and saw a familiar face. “Zinnia?” She asked.

“The one and only!” She grinned.

Alexis got up and hugged her friend. “I wasn’t expecting you till Thursday! I would of made you supper.”


“Well, our vacation was cut short by a big storm.” Zinnia said, gripping her staff a little tighter. “I was looking forward to the beach.”


“Well, I’ll make it up to you by serving you a little snack. Do you want any coffee, or tea?”


“Tea please.” Zinnia smiled gratefully.


“Okay. I’ll have it ready faster than you could say ‘for a miner’s gold mine!’” Alexis said.


Zinnia thought for a moment. “That doesn’t make any sense.”

“I know.” Alexis said nonchalantly.


Thanks for reading!