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WAZGOINONGUYZ!???!??! I am happy to say that I have made a MINEA BLOG! Yay!

In the most recent post I gave a detailed Idea of what MINEA really is: UP-CLOSE EXCLUSIVE: Minea | The Episode Series

I hope you enjoy reading it! Also, @mimi14senpai! I mentioned you, your YT and your blog in it! YAYAY!


Hope you enjoy!



Aggie here with some good NEWSSSS!!! And possibly bad news…


BAD NEWS FIRST! as usual….

KK! The bad news is– Whenever we record voices and bodies for Minea, it takes a LOT of time and effort. Some of the people who I thought were all for it, haven’t been answering emails, and/or voice acting at ALL. So basically there is (let’s call him:) Mr. Hiscane (Jeremy, Horace, Derrick), Suni (August), Big Sis (Rose, Icarus, Gilan, Mrs. Mustache), Timber (Dayna, Erin, maybe Demeter Yavanna), Lil Sis (Penelope), maybe Seth if I force him 😄 that’s what bff’s are for (Jose, Customer Guy and other small parts), my Dad (Wayne), maybe my Grandpa (Argareon), MY BFFLil Bro 1 (Afro Bob, Hooni), Lil Bro 2 (Hanni), and me (Joy, Mr. Mustache, Halt, any other small parts).

So what I am saying is that once I get all of the voices and body acting done for Episode 1 (maybe 2-3) it WILL be done by August 1st (hopefully) but the other episodes might not be done and there probably will be a hiatus so we can catch up.



Mr. Hiscane got a Minecraft Account so he, Suni and I have been working REALLY hard to finish building Minea!


We have at least 6 more things to build before we film!

There is a lot of work to put into the series, but It’ll be worth it.

New Year’s Resolution(s).

A little late I must say but I feel I must do this:

  1. Write The Book! I can’t write other books unless I write this one!
  2. Create my World for my books.
  3. Create the World’s languages. (Not too hard.)
  4. Write a short story. The one for my dad.
  5. Write up to Ep. 5 of Tea With B. Loney (You’ll find out soon enough)
  6. Film and voice Minea. (On Minecraft anyway)
  7. Finish building Minea (ALMOST DONE)
  8. Finish Driver’s Education (Just started yesterday. 9 weeks to go! I think)
  9. Learn how to sword-fight. Well. (I already am learning)
  10.  Excel in School.

Seems like enough. See you all in another post. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT ME TO WRITE ABOUT NEXT! Your comments are appreciated!






Another Post on Thursday?

Well today my friends, will be AWESOME! I know it! Two sets of friends are coming over for a Christmas Dinner, and we will TRY (I repeat), TRY, to record Minea Voices for Episodes 1-3. Maybe even a YouTube video about Christmas. I also have been working on a book, well, a short story. Make that two stories. I am also writing a short story about my book The Dostillan Hero. It should be funny.

I posted about it earlier this week, but it is about two girls who are detectives get mysterious notes from some customer. They investigate.

So…. CHRISTMAS IS COMING UP! So excited!!! YAYAYA! Achem! Excuse that. I have been talking to Sunset too much. lol jk jk. She is the best!

What are YOU guys looking forward to, this Christmas?

See ya later! Buh-bye!



Is this the end of Minea?

Today, reaching 41,559 words, I finished S1 of Minea. Is this the end of Minea? Of NaNoWriMo? I reached the goal of the series, being 19 episodes, and should I write S2? or write a smaller series that had similar character? I am in the Minea mood so I am guessing I’ll write more Minea on either Friday or Saturday. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I might take a break! SEE YA NEXT TIME ON MY BLOG!

Shout-out to my friends blog (that I am collaborating in):


So far I have written 8 1/2 episodes! WOOT! WOOT! Since I updated late last week, I won’t have as much days up.
Here is the word count for each day:
Day 9: 15,248
Day 10: 16,700
Day 11: 18, 273
Day 12: 20,315
Day 13: 20,640
Day 14: 22,269
Day 15:
I know it is over one week but I forgot to post yesterday 😛 I have sketched some Minea characters, but I haven’t scanned them yet, so maybe on Wednesday or Thursday!
Bio: His Name is Jeremy Lewis (he he. Jerry Lewis. lol) He is a knight trained at the Western Battle Academy,
Friends: Jose, August, Joy, Penny, Cherry, Steph, Horace, Halt, Gilan, Rose.
Enemies: Derrick, Nightingale, Slade
Location: West Craft Bay, the capitol of Minea
Mom and Dad: Kingsley and Erin Lewis
Siblings?: Serenity Lewis the seamstress.
Favorite food: Roast beef with roasted dill potatoes. Mmm!
THANKS FOR READING! PEACE OUT! Oh, and good luck to all NaNoWriMo Participants!
P.S. If you all (I have more followers YAY) want to know more about Minea, tell me and I’ll post episode one for you all to read!


HELLO PEEPS! It’s been one WHOLE week (plus two days) of NaNoWriMo. How’s it been? I’ve been doing great! I have written 13,419 words so far! (WORDPRESS IS NOT WORKING! My notifications won’t work, I can’t upload images, I can’t save drafts and I can’t publish ANYTHING! (It doesn’t work on Google Chrome for some reason) If you know what is going on, please tell! 😀

Day #1: 2534 words
Day #2: 4653 words
Day #3: 5162 words
Day #4: 8322 words
Day #5: 8,888 words
Day #6: 8,888 words
Day #7: 11,919 words
Day #8: 13,419 words
So I’ve been writing episodes for my episode series as I told you before. I’ve, so far, written 5 episodes (plus the beginning of 6).
Ep. 1: 14 pages
Ep. 2: 12 pages
Ep. 3: 17 pages (yea I am so excited about that)
Ep. 4: 16 pages
Ep. 5: 14 pages
Ep. 6: 2 pages so far! 😛
It is (all together) 77 pages!
CHARACTERS INTRODUCED (main and unimportant included):
August, Derrick, Jeremy, Chloe the pack-donkey, Mission the horse, Joy, Penny, Cherry, Stephanie, Tavern Lady (one or two appearances), Mr. and Mrs. Mustache, Wayne, Halt, Customer Guy, Nightingale, Pit, Medusa (in a video), MOM, Afro Bob, Kingsport Guard, Gilan, Fijit, Slade, Nightingale, Rose, Will, Tug, Horses and more horses. I might have left a few out but that is the gist of it. 😄
I’ll try to post a character description every week so you guys can get a gist of the story! (and if i have time I might add sketches)
Here is the main character!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bio: This is August Hendricks. She cannot remember anything, except for her name and a few things like common sense and logic. She is rebellious, funny, sarcastic but can be serious at needed times. At age 16 she is quite skilled with things such as cooking, running around doing errands, stopping fights and unknowingly to her: Magic.
Friends: Jeremy, Jose, Joy, Penny, Rose, Halt, Gilan, Wayne
Enemies: Nightingale, Slade, Derrick.
Location: (currently) in the stable of Mr. Mustache’s Inn and tavern called “The Pumpkin Mustache”.
City: she resides in is the capital of the country Minea called “West Craft Bay”.
Mom and Dad: I know who they are but you’ll have to watch it when it comes out! MWAHAHAHAHA!
Siblings?: Idk yet 😄 I’m thinking about one….
Favorite food: Still undetermined. Though she is a good cook, so anything will suffice.
Please give feedback, because it would be awesome to talk to all the few people reading this. I only have like 2 followers including myself 😛


It is November! The time to write 50,000 words in 30 days.
The time for NaNoWriMo.

Well, though I participated last year, writing a 56,000 word novel, I decided this year I “SHAKE” things up.
For the first time I am participating as a NaNoRebel. Writing a WHOLE SEASON of an episode series. I’ve been planning this series for over a year now, and it is time to actually start writing!

One thing that is different for sure is that it is a series for YouTube. Yea, yea that is acceptable, right? Well, it is a MINECRAFT YouTube Roleplay series! *Sheepish face* Ever heard of Aphmau? Or DanTDM? Or Mistylyne? or PinkDiamondDiva? All of them have made at least ONE Minecraft Roleplay series, getting a LOT of views.

All of these roleplays have different settings. Sometimes VERY different.

From living in the village of Phoenix Drop (Aphmau’s Minecraft Diaries), to Working in the lab with your scientist villager friend thingy (DanTDM). From Living in a castle (Mistylyne’s Royalty)
to living everyday life in Highschool (PinkDiamondDiva’s Minecraft Life).

My setting is probably the most “common”. It is set in fantasy, medieval times, supposedly… MWAHAHAHAHA.

Here is the basic synopsis:

August Hendricks doesn’t remember where she is, or where she came from. All that she knows is that she is lost. With help of her friends, Jeremy the knight, Jose the Princess’ Guard, Joy the Librarian with the skill of archery, Rose the Bard and Penelope the- um… buttkicking weaponsmaster (Yea, that sounds right).

August finds herself having a connection with nature, but the plants around the country of Minea are wilting away. And it is up to August and the gang to save the trees and the world from the mysterious men behind it all.

How does that sound?

Personally it sounds epic. I mean come on! Aren’t you supposed to “Write a book that you want to read!” Or is it “Write a screenplay you want to watch?”.

That is basically the end of it! I’ll post some character development blog posts during NaNoWriMo (or at least I’ll try :3).

That wraps it up!
~A. F. Kopp

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