Minea is on the go!

WAZGOINONGUYZ??? Aggie here and I am BACK with another Minea Update!


All my friends are IN FOR MINEA! I gave them a deadline to record voices and we are doing a read-through today! (hopefully) and we are also doing a few people read-through on Saturday (my bday), and will try to do a video. YAY! Jose/Nightingale will be there, August will be there, Dayna/Erin will be there, Rose/Mrs. Mustache/Gilan/Icarus will be there, Penny will be there and I (Joy/Halt/Mr. Mustache) will be there!

I really hope it will all go well, and I wish you all a wonderful weekend!





Aggie here with some good NEWSSSS!!! And possibly bad news…


BAD NEWS FIRST! as usual….

KK! The bad news is– Whenever we record voices and bodies for Minea, it takes a LOT of time and effort. Some of the people who I thought were all for it, haven’t been answering emails, and/or voice acting at ALL. So basically there is (let’s call him:) Mr. Hiscane (Jeremy, Horace, Derrick), Suni (August), Big Sis (Rose, Icarus, Gilan, Mrs. Mustache), Timber (Dayna, Erin, maybe Demeter Yavanna), Lil Sis (Penelope), maybe Seth if I force him 😄 that’s what bff’s are for (Jose, Customer Guy and other small parts), my Dad (Wayne), maybe my Grandpa (Argareon), MY BFFLil Bro 1 (Afro Bob, Hooni), Lil Bro 2 (Hanni), and me (Joy, Mr. Mustache, Halt, any other small parts).

So what I am saying is that once I get all of the voices and body acting done for Episode 1 (maybe 2-3) it WILL be done by August 1st (hopefully) but the other episodes might not be done and there probably will be a hiatus so we can catch up.



Mr. Hiscane got a Minecraft Account so he, Suni and I have been working REALLY hard to finish building Minea!


We have at least 6 more things to build before we film!

There is a lot of work to put into the series, but It’ll be worth it.

New Year’s Resolution(s).

A little late I must say but I feel I must do this:

  1. Write The Book! I can’t write other books unless I write this one!
  2. Create my World for my books.
  3. Create the World’s languages. (Not too hard.)
  4. Write a short story. The one for my dad.
  5. Write up to Ep. 5 of Tea With B. Loney (You’ll find out soon enough)
  6. Film and voice Minea. (On Minecraft anyway)
  7. Finish building Minea (ALMOST DONE)
  8. Finish Driver’s Education (Just started yesterday. 9 weeks to go! I think)
  9. Learn how to sword-fight. Well. (I already am learning)
  10.  Excel in School.

Seems like enough. See you all in another post. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT ME TO WRITE ABOUT NEXT! Your comments are appreciated!







YEP! YOU HEARD RIGHT! I’M DESTROYING THE WORLD! Jk! Jk! I’m destroying my world. Like my fictional world for my book. BUT- I am making it new again. Watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, I have gotten inspired. J. R. R. Tolkien’s world is SUPER detailed and I now realize that planning characters are important, but what is ALSO important is the world that the characters dwell in. Also, I’m gonna try to create a language. Multiple actually. I started making a Drowan language today and it is Hard but not TOO hard.

So wish me luck on this ADVENTURE!



Happy New Year! From a new Hobbit Fan! May Contain Spoilers…

Hello, fellow WordPress dwellers! I’m back with a new post. Last night my family and I watched all three Hobbit Movies in a row (we kinda stayed up until 2-3). My favorite characters are probably Kili, Thorin, Bilbo, and Fili.


But um, SPOILER ALERT three of them died so… Yea. A part of me died as Kili died…. A few tears fell… I had read the book years before, but I forgot most of it… BUT WHY KILI???? HE WAS IN LOVE!!! WHHYYYYY!!!! It has been awhile since I cried for a movie character. The Last time was when I watched Big Hero Six in theaters and when Hiro’s brother died. END OF SPOILERS.

Hope you guys have a wonderful year!



P. S. SPOILERS In honor of Kili, I may make a character in my book series. lol. Who Won’t die, and SPOILERS END HERE!



Another Post on Thursday?

Well today my friends, will be AWESOME! I know it! Two sets of friends are coming over for a Christmas Dinner, and we will TRY (I repeat), TRY, to record Minea Voices for Episodes 1-3. Maybe even a YouTube video about Christmas. I also have been working on a book, well, a short story. Make that two stories. I am also writing a short story about my book The Dostillan Hero. It should be funny.

I posted about it earlier this week, but it is about two girls who are detectives get mysterious notes from some customer. They investigate.

So…. CHRISTMAS IS COMING UP! So excited!!! YAYAYA! Achem! Excuse that. I have been talking to Sunset too much. lol jk jk. She is the best!

What are YOU guys looking forward to, this Christmas?

See ya later! Buh-bye!



Working on a Short Story!

Hey guys! Aggie here and I am HERE TO SAY… I am working on a short story! It is Untitled but here is the gist of the story:

Patty Halls and Fiona Risk, had gotten college degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice but work at The Happy Diner in the middle of nowhere in Pensilvania. But soon Patty is receiving little notes on order tickets from a mysterious man they call Mr. Ham Salad… Will she find out who he is? I bet she can, with a little problem-solving to find out.

It is an Untitled Story as of yet. Any name ideas?

You like? I showed the idea to my dad and he wanted me to write it because it sounded interesting. I may even (eventually when I am done with my both my Major Series (The Dostillan Hero Series and the Markspin Chronicles)) write a book full of cases they will solve in the future. Think “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and wanna see more! Bye! ❤


I’m a comedian? Sort of…

Hey guys! Since NaNoWriMo ended I haven’t posted anything really EXCITING yet. Well, nothing really exciting has happened besides me deciding a few things.

I have decided to not do a bazillion things at once! Great idea isn’t it?

I have so many ideas that I want to work on, but I have decided to just focus on at most TWO things (with one small thing that isn’t hard).

I will be focusing REALLY hard on my Comedy. Yes, I do comedy. I do a lot of things. lol. So my MAIN comedy focus is VOICES! I make characters and put voices to them, and record them for Instagram! HERE IS THE LINK: Zelda 😄 idk. Don’t worry the link will open in a new tab for ya’ll. At least it should…

So far I have this character named Belinda Loney, she has a deep vibrato voice and wants to be an Opera Popstar. Even though her singing can be- I don’t know- Horrid?

I have quite a few videos on there and feel free to ask Belinda Questions and/or ask for a song for her to sing! (Spoiler: She may butcher the lyrics XD).

My second project I am working on is SUPER important as well. Maybe not AS important for my future, but it will get my voice acting out there. The project is MINEA! As this subject may be familiar with you, I still want to get at least 3 episodes done by August 1st of 2017. I have most of my voice actors (friends I have made over the years and from doing some theatre), my script is written, we have a Minecraft Server, I have a mod list, the list goes on.  But the reason I have not been getting to it, is because I need to put the MODS on, I need to send out emails to the voice actors, I need to meet up with my friends so we can record voices TOGETHER, since they don’t have the right equipment (I’m not sure if WE have the right equipment). And altogether it sounds like a PAIN! Our server is 1.8.8 and my dad says we can do 1.8.9 mods on it, and it seems like it just gets more complicated. But that won’t make me give up. I WILL FINISH THIS EVEN IF IT MEANS GIVING UP FREE TIME ON COMPUTER! I WILL DO IT!

I also am helping my friends with a blog (which is fun and for free time) called SOS. It is a series we worked on together and we write posts every weekday at 4PM Central Time. But thank goodness that we have already written the script for Season One, or else I would not be able to do much the next few months. Here is their link: ZELDA


Thanks for reading and sticking at my side, peeps! See you around!

~Aggie Kopp


P. S. Here is a shoutout to an awesome blogger, called Mimi Minecraft and Gaming. She is so sweet, and gave me a shoutout earlier today! Thanks Mimi!

Mimi’s Link: Zelda




Out Of The Bush | A Stop-Motion Film

HEY! I finally made a post about my stop motion! 😀

Well here it is:
Out Of The Bush | A Stop-Motion Film By: Aggie Kopp

I actually posted it on July 25th, because I couldn’t wait, but for you guys here it is…

But I only have like… 1 follower…. Thanks for following! 😀

I’ll try to update soon!

~Aggie Kopp